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About us

We are proud to be Canadian!  We ship across Canada.

Save Time & Money While Shopping Local! 

One of my passions has always been supporting the little guys; all those amazing local small businesses found in our neighborhoods. Nothing excites me more than discovering a new shop; whether online or in person. The problem that I have always had was that these businesses can be hard to find (often they don’t have much of an online presence) and shipping costs become astronomical if I had to purchase items from each of the shops individually. This had to change! This is where Thea-Bel comes in. By bringing all the small guys together in one place, I make it easy for customers to shop multiple local businesses on one site and can ship everything together. After all time is money and paying multiple shipping costs sucks!

Thea-Bel is so much more than a directory of local businesses. We operate like a department store for handmade items. One stop shopping and great customer service is what we strive for in each interaction with our customers. Our vendors are our family and because I work on commission, every purchase really is a win/win and keeps all the money in the local economy.

In addition to our ready to ship items, we also offer custom work or made to order items. It is our goal to be your number one place to go when you want something made. With multiple vendors as part of our family we can create anything from custom paper items to that perfect piece of furniture.

Having trouble finding your perfect item? I get it, we have hundreds of items to choose from with new items coming in weekly and old ones leaving on a regular basis. Let me help you! One of my favorite things to do is to make shopping extremely easy by offering my services as a shopper. Purchase a mystery pack for $40, give me a theme and let me curate a fantastic collection just for you. Not only is it really easy but you get at least $50 worth of items that fit your theme. Never has birthday, Christmas, teacher, mother’s day, etc. been so easy to shop for.

We are a small business which means we rely on our amazing customers. If there is anything that I can do personally to make your shopping experience easier please reach out, I love to hear from you!

Check out the video below for a look at what makes us different.


So sit back and enjoy perusing through the hundreds of items available on Thea-Bel, we are here to help you find:










Are you a hobbyist looking to increase your online presence?

Thea-Bel is always on the look out for new vendors to join our team!  We take on talented individuals who want to sell their merchandise but maybe don't have time, high enough volumes, desire or are looking for another channel to get their work out there.  That is where we come in!  

Let us give you more time to do what you love by taking over the marketing and selling of your handmade items.

Make money to fund your hobby without taking time away from creating your masterpieces.

Learn more about how this works by visiting our FAQ section of the website.

Our Story

Thea-Bel first became an idea in December of 2015 when its founder, Sarah Reuangrith, was out for coffee with a friend.  The subject of knitting came up and Sarah mentioned that her friend should consider selling her beautiful creations.  Unlike Sarah, her friend was interested in knitting but not in the sales process.  Jokingly it was mentioned that Sarah should take over the marketing and sales so that her friend had more time to knit but could still make some money.  An idea was born!  It took a couple months to work out the logistics but Thea-Bel was officially launched at the end of January 2016. 

Who is our Founder

Sarah Reuangrith has over ten years of professional experience in Marketing but has had a marketing mindset for much longer, just ask her parents as growing up Sarah was always selling something, including pine cones at the age of four.  Having a flair for entrepreneurship, Sarah has always been on the lookout for a good idea.  When on maternity leave with her daughter, Thea, Sarah finally had the time and idea so was able to get down to business.  Finally an idea that combines all of Sarah's passions: sales, local businesses and some pretty cool handmade items.

Learn more about Sarah by reading her interview.

Where did the name Thea-Bel come from?

Thea-Bel is named after our founders daughter, Thea Isobel.  Grandma had taken to calling her Thea-Bel and the name was so catchy that Sarah decided it was the perfect name for the company.  

Here is Sarah and Thea.

Sarah & Thea