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10 Most Memorable Blog Posts of 2016

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2016 was a busy year for us at Thea-Bel!  In this blog we are counting down our picks for the most memorable posts in 2016.  These were the blogs that got the most page views, comments or are ones that we think were pretty good.  I hope you enjoy the list!

10 Most Memorable Blog Posts of 2016

We have placed these blog posts in the order they were written with the oldest posts first and the newer ones towards the end.   

1. Welcome to Thea-Bel (Published April 9, 2016)

This post might be one of the shortest posts that we wrote this year and on appearance it may not look like much but this was a HUGE milestone for us.  For those of you who have been with us from the beginning, you will remember that we initially started with a different website design hosted by a different website hosting company.  We quickly realized that the site was limiting out ability to grow so we changed companies, started from scratch and ultimately designed the website that you see today.  If you remember where we started, you can understand why we are including this post on this list.

2. Shop to Help Fort Mac (Published May 12, 2016)

  This was one of the posts that generated the most page views this year.  After the Fort McMurray wildfires happened, we wanted to do something.  We partnered up with our vendor Magpie Pie to raise some money for the Red Cross.  Thanks to everyone who helped us with our efforts.

3. Must Have Items for New Moms (Published May 31, 2016)

Must Have Items for New Moms 

I wrote this blog when Thea was 10 months old.  Like many first time moms, I wasn't sure exactly what I needed to purchase in preparation for Thea's arrival.  So I checked out Pinterest and looked for lists of items that I might need for her outside of the essentials.  Most of the lists contained really expensive items that at the time I thought were ridiculous (I still do and was glad I didn't take the lists too seriously).  Don't get me wrong, the lists were great if you had a huge house and tons of money but for a practical person not looking to spend a fortune the lists didn't help.  I figured it was time to share MY list of items.  The items on this list are cheap and many of them can be made yourself.  Read the blog...

4. History of Birthstones (Published June 14, 2016)

SJS, one of our jewelry designers started designing a birthstone earring collection.  I was intrigued and did some research into where birthstones came from.  This blog was the result of my research.  Read the blog...

5. How to Make Soap (Published September 20, 2016)

In this post, Deb from Consciously Connected Soap Factory goes through how to make soap.  She did up an awesome video and included lots of pictures.  Not only did I learn a lot but it made me respect soap makers that much more!  This post had a number of comments with people agreeing with me.  Read the blog...

6.  It's All On The Label: Why You Might Not Be Using "True" Soap (Published September 27, 2017)

This is a guest blog from Deb at Consciously Connected Soap Factory.  Before Deb joined us at Thea-Bel I really knew nothing about what went into making soaps.  I loved natural soaps but didn't really know why.  Now I do, Deb has been nice enough to educate me on why homemade soaps are so much better.  I asked her to write up something so that others could benefit from her knowledge and this blog post was the result.  Read the blog...

 7. Custom Work: It All Starts With A Photo (Published October 18, 2016)

Did you know we do custom work?  Vanessa from Geekdom Knits did a custom job back in October and we documented the process so that you could see how it works.  Our customer had full say in the choice of materials and how she wanted it to fit.  Reveal pictures are included.  Read the blog...

8.  What Not To Do at a Craft Fair (Published November 8, 2016)

In November we participated in our first craft fair.  I think it is safe to say we were over enthusiastic about our products (I mean they are so awesome) and may have overdone it at the market.  This blog was a lesson in what not to do.  We did another market in December and it went much better.  Read the blog...

9. Top 10 Reasons to Shop Thea-Bel (Published November 22, 2016)

I've been working really hard this year to make Thea-Bel a really awesome place to purchase some beautiful quality handmade items.  Here was a list I put together that summarizes why you should shop Thea-Bel.  Read the blog...

10. A Look Behind the Scenes: I Interview Myself (Published December 6, 2016)

Last but not least, I have included the interview I did with myself as our final memorable blog.  This blog was written to answer some of the questions I get about why I started Thea-Bel and to provide a bit more information about myself.  

Final Thoughts

What did you think of our list?  Did we miss any of your favorite posts of the year?  Sorry if we did, I post every week so had a number of posts to choose from.  In the comments please let me know which was your favorite.

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