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Red Cross

Magpie Pie and Thea-Bel have partnered to raise some money for the Red Cross to help out with the Fort McMurray Fires.  ALL proceeds earned through the sale of Magpie Pie's beautiful book earrings until the end of the month will be donated to the Red Cross.  That means that you can rock some beautiful earrings while feeling good that you have donated $13 per pair to the Red Cross.  

For the rest of the month Thea-Bel will also be donating 30% of the money raised from purchasing Thea-Bel Gift Cards to the Red Cross.   

Gift Cards can be purchased in a variety of amounts, they have no expiry and make perfect gifts.  You can purchase your gift card here

Let's see how much money we can raise towards this good cause!

Shop to help Fort Mac


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