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5 Tips For Writing Amazing Product Descriptions

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Every month I have the pleasure of hosting an online meeting with the talented vendors who make all the items that you see on the site.  During our meeting I do a very quick lesson where I share 5 tips or tricks related to a topic that interests them. This is meant to be a very quick overview with basic information where hopefully someone learns something. I love to help other creative types so am making these lessons available to everyone, hopefully it helps you.

This month we are tackling writing product descriptions.

5 Tips for Writing Amazing Product Descriptions

As always this is meant to be a very quick lesson based on my experience with Thea-Bel.

  1. Keep Your Ideal Customer in Mind - Everything you include in your description should be written for your ideal customer. This includes the technical language you use (or don't use) and the tone that you write with. Picture this customer in your mind and then imagine having a conversation with them. This will help your description to be informative and a more enjoyable read.
  2. Be Specific - Mention exactly what you are selling. If there are multiple pieces list them out (including accessories such as scoops, instructions or special packaging) and provide some detail so that there are no surprises. Include any relevant sizes or measurements that customers would want to know before purchasing and list ingredients or the type of materials used. It can be helpful to think of questions you might have if you were buying the item and then making sure you have answered them in the description.
  3. Use Proper Terms - Make sure you use proper terminology when describing your item(s). For example if you do a special type of jewelry making, use the correct term. This will help your search engine optimization so that people find your item. If this is a post you are making on social media, you can use these keywords as hashtags at the end of the post as an added way to get your items seen.
  4. Indicate How To Use/Who Would Use - Make it easy for customers to picture themselves purchasing your item as you have set the stage in their mind for when and how they would use it. For example, if you sold blankets and your ideal custom was someone who enjoyed being outside, you might mention that this blanket is the perfect size to curl up around the campfire with. The person reading the post may have lots of blankets already but by providing an idea on how to use this particular one, you have given them a reason to purchase. When providing examples, make sure you are following step one and are speaking to your ideal customer.
  5. Call To Action - You want to sell your item so make sure you have included all the information your customer needs to make a purchase. This could include manufacturing information, lead times or shipping information, types of payment accepted or maybe a link to your site (if you are posting somewhere else). If you sell multiple items, you may also recommend another product that would go well with this one. In this step you want to remove all barriers to entry so that the customer starts the ordering process.

Want More

I hope that you found this helpful. If you want more, check out last months tips on taking good product photos. 

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