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What is Your Dream?

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Have you ever thought about what it would be like to win the lottery?  

I know I have.  Wouldn't it be wonderful to do what you wanted all day without having to worry about the costs associated with life?  You could travel as much as you wanted, eat at lots of fancy restaurants, afford those not very practical shoes...  Well sorry to burst your bubble but the odds are really not in our favor of winning money anytime soon.  

I still find the exercise of thinking about what I would do if money was no objective to be really eye opening.  Often I find that once I have gone through and purchased my dream house, car, wardrobe and traveled I figure I would come home and spend my days puttering around in the garden, read more and spend more time working on some of my hobbies.  I would be able to sleep in, enjoy a leisurely breakfast maybe from a neighborhood coffee shop and then get out that canvas and spend the day painting or grab the knitting needles and find a spot on the beach to knit while listening to the ocean waves crash on the beach.

All the ways I see myself spending my days are ultimately not that expensive when you ultimately come down to it.  The location might be different (tropical beach) and I would be wearing some pretty killer cloths but what I would be spending my time doing wouldn't be that expensive.  Kind of funny when you really think about, I would need to win the lottery to do things that I could ultimately do now.  So what is stopping me?  Mostly it is time to do what I love and money so that I can pay my bills. 

Time and money ultimately go hand in hand don't they.  Money doesn't grow on trees so some time needs to be spent working so that you can do all those things you want to.  But what if you could get paid to do what you love doing now?  Would that change anything?  What if you were able to knit those sweaters or sew those pillows and make money doing it.  Maybe not enough to "retire" but enough that you could afford to buy that new sewing machine or take a master class learning new skills.

Well that is our goal here at Thea-Bel!  We want to help your dreams come true.  We understand that not everyone shares our passion for selling and frankly we don't share your passion for whatever it is you do.  So let's team up and make both our dreams come true!  You keep making your beautiful creations and we will keep on selling them.

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