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Today I am going to talk all about shipping.  Shipping for any store can be problematic but here at Thea-Bel we have a unique challenge that make things even more difficult.  

Why shipping costs are so hard for us to estimate?

The biggest issue we have when it comes to shipping is that our items come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

We have huge items,

We have big items,


We have small items,

We have thin items,

 We have cuddly items,

crochet bear

We have items just about every size and shape imaginable!

Zoopooz Surprise Toys

What conventional shipping programs will do is have your provide the standard size of box you use to ship and it will estimate the shipping costs based on the weight of the combined items.

Do you see the problem we face?  If we picked a box size, like say this one;

and then let the program do its thing, we would either be undercharging (for large items) or overcharging (for small items) most of the time.  Instead we have had to be creative and take some time to manually set things up.  This works really well most of the time but not always...

Introducing our new shipping policy:

Our goal here at Thea-Bel is not to make money on shipping, it is to get quality handmade items into your hands.  We want repeat customers and we don't want anyone scared away by high shipping charges.  To combat this, we are happy to announce our latest shipping policy:

If the difference between the actual and estimated shipping costs are $3 or higher, we will credit you the difference.

We will package your item(s) in the smallest box we can so that you save money on shipping.

What this means to you?

Use the shipping costs provided as estimates only.  We are close most of the time but depending on the items you purchased, shipping costs might be lower.  Also, let us know if shipping costs are high.  If the items you picked are small and heavy they may have bumped your shipping total into the next price level.  When we get the items ready for shipping, we may find the cost is much lower.

Don't be afraid to send us an email or call.  We think we are pretty friendly and want to make your experience at Thea-Bel as pleasant as possible!

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