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August's Theme.... is Kids Birthday's

Sarah Reuangrith Birthday Children Kids Themes

Having birthday parties in the middle of a pandemic presents some challenges but it is not impossible to still have an amazing party. My youngest celebrated her first birthday in the early months of the lockdown with a very small family dinner and not a lot of fanfare as everything was locked down pretty tight. This month my oldest will celebrate with a very small socially distanced backyard get together. This year is so different from past years where we have hosted huge birthday events filled with friends and family but I have to say that the birthdays while different have been very special in their own way. Instead of having everyone attend in a large free for all, we have enjoyed intimate gatherings with only the most special people in attendance in person or through technology.

Kids birthday parties have always held a special place in my heart as I have such fond memories of them from my childhood. My parties were always amazing and often talked about long after they were over. The thing was, my parties were not the most expensive of my friends, they didn't have fancy loot bags, take place in exotic places or include a special catered dinner. No, my parties were always hosted at home with food my mom cooked and we didn't get loot bags instead we got something that went with the party theme. What my party's had was a lot of creative ideas, fun themes and a lot of love.

This month I want to help you create wonderful memories for your kids without spending a ton or taking hours to plan and execute. I'm going to share some of my tips and tricks as well as some great articles I found that I think you are going to love! 

This year might be a bit different but that is no excuse to not give your kids some fantastic memories and make them feel special.

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