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Back to School Picks

Sarah Reuangrith Back to School Gift Guide

As we get closer to the end of the month, we are also getting closer to back to school.  I have always loved going back to school.  There is something really magical about getting to start over, plus you get to go shopping for lots of new clothes and back to school supplies.  

I have gone through our inventory and come up with our list of items to help you get back to school.  Here are our picks:

Frog Messenger Bag

Get rid of the backpack and instead choose this adorable frog messenger bag.  The best part is that it is machine washable!  

Animal Print Infinity Scarf

These scarves are perfect for layering throughout the day.  Plus it is cute enough that your kids might actually wear it!

Red Owl Earrings

Add a little style and cuteness to your kids (or your) back to school style with these owl earrings.  

Rainbow Soap

Make mornings fun with this colorful and amazing smelling soap.  

Magic Wand

Make school a little more magical with these Harry Potter knitted magic wands (Luna's has been pictured).  Slip a wand into your child's pencil case for a fun surprise.  

Insulated Water Bottle Carrier

These water bottle carriers are not just for the kids!  Perfect for parents who will be spending a lot of time driving kids from one place to another.  

Pink Market Bag

These bags are perfect for a gym or pool bag.  Put a pair of runners and a bottle of water into the bag and send them on their way.  Work great for adults too.

Pony Book Earrings

Reading and homework will soon be a reality, remind you child how much fun reading can be with these cute and very unique book earrings.  

Blue Crochet Octopus

This one is for the younger kids, give them something cuddly that will make starting school less scary.  I mean look at this cute guy...

So Proud Cards

Let your kids know how proud of them you are by sticking one of these beautiful cards into their lunch the first day...


Well there you have it, our picks for going back to school.  

What is your favorite part of going back to school?


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