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Canada Day Gift Guide & Why I Love Canada

Sarah Reuangrith Canada Gift Guide

This year on July 1, Canada turns 150 years old.  While in the grand scheme of things, this may not seem that old it is certainly a big milestone that should be celebrated.  Whether you choose to celebrate at one of the many events happening across the Country or in the quiet of your own home, I hope that you take some time to remember all the reasons you are thankful to live in Canada. 

Canada Day Gift Guide

This gift guide is actually pretty ironic, every item in the store is "made in Canada" so technically belongs on a Canada gift guide.  However, we have narrowed down our items for this gift guide so that we are including items that showcase the unique characteristics of being Canadian.  This could be our signature red and white colours or greeting cards that depict images of Canada.  We hope you enjoy our gift guide.

Check it out here: Canada Gift Guide 

Here is a quick preview for you...

 My Favorite Thing About Canada

For me there are so many little reasons why I love Canada.  We have the usual, it is a safe place to live, people are friendly and it has beautiful scenery but it is just so much more than that.  I feel safe and welcome and that is something that not everyone feels.  

Tell us in the comments what your favorite part about Canada is?

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