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Christmas Memories: Reflections from Christmas' Past

Sarah Reuangrith Christmas Interview Meet Supplier Memories

Christmas is almost here!  With less than a week to go the hustle and bustle can reach new heights as everyone frantically tries to tick everything off their Christmas list.  What can get lost in all the craziness is the true meaning of Christmas!

To help get you back in the spirit we have put together the following collection of short Christmas memories brought to you from all of us at Thea-Bel.  

Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

My favourite part of Christmas is the traditions. Driving around looking at  lights, getting new pj's on Christmas Eve, listening to carols and spending time with family. (Lindsey from Lindsey Gagnon Photography and Craft)

My favourite gift was when I was about 8. My parents always gave us sensible gifts like blocks, toboggan, etc, nothing that was advertised on TV. So you can imagine how excited we were when we (my brother and I) opened up our gift and it was creepy crawlers. We were ecstatic!  We set up a card table in my bedroom and we made bugs by the hour. We got really good at mixing the goop colours to produce multi coloured caterpillars, spiders, crabs, scorpions, butterflies, and a whole host more!  What a lot of fun! (Barb Vogan)

As I am a geek, my favourite part of Christmas is the annual Doctor Who Christmas Special. I know it sounds a little silly, but it's one of the few things my family and I will watch together no matter what. So it may not be the oldest of traditions, but it's still a fun way to spend the evening after eating a filling Christmas dinner. (Vanessa from Geekdom Knits)

My favourite Christmas memory was when I was a kid and got to spend the day with my dad and his relatives.  It was the year I got my Cabbage Patch Kid.  That Christmas was filled with love and I remember if being one of the happiest Christmas' ever!  (Trudy from Trudy's Creations)

I cried the first time I met Santa; didn't know who he was!  I stopped crying as soon as I got a gift, lol. (Sinthy from SJS)

My favorite Christmas gift was my first guinea pig Pogo.  I had been asking for a guinea pig for so long that I had just about given up hope I was ever going to get one.  That Christmas morning I ran down the stairs to see what Santa got me and got very confused as my stocking was not where I had left it, it was on the other side of the room.  Right beside it stood a cage with the most amazing gift inside, my own guinea pig. (Sarah Reuangrith, Founder)

 What is your favourite part of Christmas, let us know in the comments.

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