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Christmas in July & Let's Get Creative

Sarah Reuangrith Christmas Christmas in July Deal of Month DIY

It is finally summer! That means (hopefully) lots of beautiful days where we can lounge around outside and read books or run through sprinklers. July is also when two things generally happen for me. First, after spending lots of time outside away from technology, I usually realize that I miss getting creative and make way too many plans to make things. Secondly, I start to look towards my favorite holiday; Christmas. The summer is usually when I start figuring out the holidays in terms of menu (I like to experiment so the more recipes I can try out the better) and most importantly start thinking about Christmas presents. I get that I am an overachiever but finding the perfect gifts takes time, especially if it is custom or needs to be ordered. For me things tend to be a little slower over the summer months so I can start my lists and planning while hanging out in the backyard with the kids. Plus, it is much more budget friendly for me to be organized and spend a little bit every month instead of dropping lots of cash in a panic come December. This month I have planned our monthly theme and deal to help you get started for Christmas as well as finally tackle some creative projects.

Our theme this month is all about getting creative! I'm generally a creative person and love nothing more than to colour or do crafts with my kids. I love trying new recipes out in the kitchen and have dabbled at everything from cross stitch to a new favorite hobby of making bath bombs. The summer is a great time to tackle DIY projects or spend some time knitting around the campfire. It is my goal this month to help inspire you with creative projects that you can do as well as challenge you to tackle all those projects you have been holding off on. Next week I will be posting a blog about a challenge that I hope you will join me for to get those creative juices flowing.

The deal this month is all about helping you to start thinking about Christmas. Now is an excellent time to figure out all the people you need to shop for, set a budget, take photos for your Christmas cards and plan so that you can really enjoy the holidays this year. We have so many fabulous Christmas items on the site, for the month of July they are all 10% off. This discount will be applied automatically during your checkout. Enjoy your Christmas shopping.

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  • Kayla Groening on

    What a great idea! I am notorious for leaving holiday things to the last minute. Maybe this year I’ll be ahead of the curve. I’m looking forward to July’s creativity challenge as well.

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