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Christmas Promotion # 2

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This year for Christmas we will be running different promotions every two weeks until Christmas.  The promotions will only run for a two week period or while supplies last so don't delay!

Promotion # 1: November 28 - December 11, 2017 

Sign up to host an online market and you will get $10 to spend once the event has closed.  Our online markets are a great way to shop Thea-Bel.  Not only will I be able to assist you with narrowing down your purchases but I will tell you about the company, give you an opportunity to win some prizes as well as you can earn money on all the purchases your friends make.  Learn more about our markets here.  Send us an email and we would be happy to schedule one for you today.

 Vendor Promotions

Throughout the time leading up to Christmas we will also be featuring deals from some of our vendors.  These promotions will also run for a two week time period.

From November 28 - December 11 you can get:

40% off Consciously Connected Soaps, use code "x-mas2"


Buy 2 cards from LB Creations and get one for FREE, use code "x-mas3"

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