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Custom Work: It Starts with a Photo

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Have you ever found yourself browsing around on Pinterest or Instagram only to find the most amazing sweater you have ever seen but have no idea where to purchase it and are not capable of making it yourself?  Or perhaps a friend tags you on Facebook to share a really awesome Doctor Who Scarf but when you look into it you find out that the vendor doesn't ship to your location.  Instead of being bummed out about it and pining away wishing that you could have one, why not do something about it?

Did you know that we do custom work?  We represent different hobbyists who all specialize in something different and many of them are happy to do custom work, everything from minor changes to existing patterns to full on custom work based on a picture.  

We recently finished off a custom piece and thought it might be fun to share the process.

Custom Work: How is starts?

A couple months back I was checking out my Facebook news-feed when I came across a post from Deb (you would know her as the amazing soap maker from Consciously Connected Soap Factory).  She had found a picture of a sweater and was looking to get one made for herself.  Below is her post:

Naturally I jumped on this request and Vanessa from Geekdom Knits was happy to help out.

The Specifics

Deb wanted a high quality sweater that was not at all itchy in brown and black so that it would compliment her existing wardrobe.  She is on the petite side so fit was going to be important.

Choosing the Right Materials

As we were looking to have a quality sweater made that was not itchy, Vanessa chose to go with an acrylic yarn.  She found a very soft one and then sent Deb various pictures so that the right color was chosen.  Deb liked a nice rich chocolate brown for the bulk of the sweater with a black neck. 

Then it came time to choose the buttons.  Vanessa found a few different options and Deb got to select the ones she liked the best.

These were the winning buttons:

Vanessa worked diligently on the sweater until finally it was ready.


The Reveal

Now that the sweater was completed it was time for a meeting to hand it over so that Deb could make use of it in our rapidly cooling weather.

 She Loves it!!!!

There you go, a happy customer who had a custom made piece from a photograph she saw on the internet.

Custom Work

If you would like some additional examples of custom work please our vendors have done please check out our website.  If you are looking for something custom please email us a picture or description of what you want and we will be happy to see what we can do.

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  • B on

    Great blog!

  • Sarah on

    What a beautiful sweater!!!! It looks so warm and cozy.

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