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Dinner Party Planning Articles

Sarah Reuangrith articles dinner party Party Planning

This month we are talking all about dinner parties. If you are looking to read some great articles here are some of the ones we shared on our social media pages that we found around the internet.

Party Planning Articles from Around the Internet

Here are some of the ones we enjoyed this month.

12 Essentials to know when hosting thanksgiving for the first time

This great article gives some great advice that could be applied to any dinner party, not just thanksgiving. Read Article

Learn How to Give the Best Host and Hostess Gifts

I like this article from The Spruce because it not only gives you gift ideas for different types of events but also talks about some of the etiquette that goes along with gift giving. Make sure you check it out. Read article.

10 Fancy Dinner Party Hacks

If you have a bit more experience in the hosting department you might really enjoy some of these tips. I am most interested to try the printed menu and the live music. Read the article here

Top 10 Tips for Creating a Dinner Party Menu

This article from "A Well Seasoned Kitchen" is a very quick read and will help you come up with a menu. I love reading articles like this as there is not a lot of words, just a simple list that I can scan through. I particularly like the idea of keeping a diary that lists who you have over, what was served with comments. I do tend to cook the same things over again, writing a few quick notes after I host will make sure I rotate among my favorites so that guests don't get bored. Read the article here

Articles Written By Thea-Bel about Party Planning

Make sure you also check out some of the articles that we have written as well.

How to Do a Seating Chart

How to Do a Seating Chart

Having assigned seating is one of the easiest way to make sure your event is a success,. In this article we look at how to do a seating chart; whether this is for a large event such as a wedding or a small intimate dinner party.  Read the article here.

Crisis Cleaning - How to Get Your House Entertainment Ready in 5 Easy Steps

I don't know about you but my house is never picture perfect so when it comes time to hosting a party, I am usually answering the door with a cleaning rag in hand. Over the years I have perfected the crisis clean. In this article/video I share my knowledge. Check it out.

Why the Host Should Always Pay

Why Host Pays

Today I want to talk about who should pay for a party.  It may seem like a fairly straight forward topic but this is not always the case... Read the article


I hope you enjoyed this collection of articles. If you are wanting to learn more make sure you check out all our party planning articles here.


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