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Fairy Lantern Birthday Party

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Thea-Bel recently had the opportunity to do a birthday party and it was such a fun experience.  Check out some of the pictures from this fun event!

Fairy Lantern Birthday Party

When we got an email from a customer asking about whether we could do a birthday party we jumped at the chance.  Luckily, Megan from H&M Design was able to help me out with a few different ideas on what the girls could make. After some conversations about the party theme and possible craft options, the customer settled on making Fairy Lanterns.

Check out some of the pictures from this fun event.

Here I am with H&M Design's Megan showing off what the final project will look like.

The table is all set up and ready to get going.

We had loot bags ready so that the girls could take their final project home with them.

Here Megan provides some instruction.

The lanterns are coming along nicely.

Here is the final products. Each of the girls got to choose between two different fairies; sitting or laying down as well as the colour of ribbon and the jewel size and colour that decorated the top.  The lanterns all turned out amazing with each one having their own personality.

The lanterns each came with a battery operated tea light so that they could be lite up. Check them out in the dark. I just love these as a night light or to add a little whimsy to an indoor space.

Hopefully you enjoyed seeing these pictures!  If this type of event sounds like something you would be interested in please send us an email, we would to discuss it with you.  There are many different crafts that we could do with all of them being able to be tailored to the birthday girl or boy's theme. While we are at it we could also assist with party invites, decorations as well as numerous other elements of the party.  To learn more about how we can help, check out this blog (it is geared towards weddings but works just the same for any type of smaller event too).

This is one of our Party Planning blog posts, if you would like to see more Party Planning articles make sure you check them out here.

We have thought about offering a Fairy Lantern class (or other type of lantern event), we would love to hear from you in the comments if this is something you would be interested in attending...

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