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FAQ: New Vendor Program

Sarah Reuangrith Becoming a Vendor Vendor Yearly Vendor Membership

Recently we revamped our Vendor Membership Program so that we are able to better assist our vendors.  

If you haven't taken a look at our new vendor program yet, you can learn more about it here.

Frequently Asked Questions About The New Vendor Program

We understand that there are likely some questions related to the program so will do our best to answer as many of them as possible here.  If we have missed any, please feel free to add a comment.

Why the change?

One of the wonderful things about Thea-Bel is the diversity of our vendors. Each one is amazing and brings something different to the table.  The problem is that not all my vendors need the same level of assistance from me as others.  With our past program, it was a once size fits all.  With this new program vendors have a little more choice.

Why is there a cost now?

This is for two reasons: Adding a vendor takes work as well as we want vendors to choose the level of service they want. Think of part of the yearly cost as a processing fee.  There is a lot of work done behind the scenes to get vendors set up in the system.  We build the webpage, create tags to accompany items sold, etc.  This is all done PRIOR to the vendors first sale.  Also, since every vendors is looking for a different level of assistance from us, we needed a way for vendors to choose how much they want Thea-Bel to do.  Paying a yearly fee is an easy way for vendors to make that choice.

How do we save money on the next years' membership cost?

This is really easy as there are three ways to save money on your renewal.  We think all of them are pretty easy to do so without much work you can save money.

  • Earn 15% credit on every purchase you make through Thea-Bel (spend $100, and you’ll earn $15 credit towards your vendor fee.)
  • Earn 15% credit on total amount paid to you per year  (If you make $200 in sales, you’ll earn a free silver vendor program for one year!)
  • Share our posts on social media using #TheabelVendor, and for every 10 shares you earn $5 credit (If you share on average 5 Thea-Bel posts per month, you’ll earn $30 credit towards your vendor fee.)

These discounts can be combined, and accumulate throughout your year as a vendor.

What happens if I "save" more than my yearly membership?

The most that you can "save" off your membership is $60 for the gold membership.  After this, everything is zeroed out.  If you currently have the silver membership and earn more, you could then be bumped up to the higher level membership at no cost.

What is the difference between the silver and gold membership program?

The difference between the gold and silver membership levels is about who takes photographs of the items, writes the descriptions and provides the shipping weight and measurements.  In the silver category, the vendors provide this information whereas in the gold category, Thea-Bel provides this service.

I'm not a photographer, does that mean I have to go with the gold membership?

Absolutely not!  I am not a photographer either but with a few tricks I manage just fine using a shadow box (or window/lamps) and my phone.  We are looking for good, well lit photos that show off the best side of the item but are no means expecting professional photos.  We do have a guideline sheet that we give to vendors with what we expect and are happy to work with them.

Can I purchase one membership level now and then change it next year?

Yes.  We will review year to year and can make changes as necessary.  You can also move up to the gold level at anytime.

I'm interested, what now?

That is awesome, we look forward to hearing back from you.  Simply fill out the new vendor contract found here.  At that point we will get in touch with you to get some additional information and collect your payment.

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