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Father's Day Gift Guide

Sarah Reuangrith Father's Day Gift Guide

Father's Day is quickly approaching on June 18.  Dad's really are amazing!  My dad is someone who I can always count on, who can fix anything and gives me great advice.  With Father's Day approaching I want a chance to spoil him and help you do the same for your dad.  

Father's Day Gift Guide

 We have lots of amazing items for dad on our website.  In this gift guide we will focus on just a few of them.  If you don't see anything you like or would like some additional ideas please take a look at our Gifts for Him Collection.

In this guide we are going to focus on a few different price points and give you ONE possible gift idea.  With all the items on our site it is easy to substitute items or add to your gift, these are meant to be ideas only.


Any Price Point

This Happy Father's Day card is not only adorable but it also contains a gift card pocket.  Purchase a gift card from Thea-Bel or from your dad's favorite store for an easy to mail gift.  $4, made by LB Creations.

Canada Pride $8 

Canada Key Ring $4

Does your dad love Canada?  Help him to show the world his love with this Canada Card $4 (H&M Design) paired with this Canada Key Ring $4 (ROSHKO Innovations).

For the Foot Ball Fan $13

Football CardHomemade Soap, Landslide

Help your dad cheer on his favorite team with this Football Card $4 (H&M Design), Landslide Soap $5 (Consciously Connected Soap Factory) and this lucky Clover Key Ring $4 (ROSHKO Innovations).

For the Geeky Dad $21

 Dress Shirt Card $4Dark Knight homemade soapCaptain America Coffee Cozy

Celebrate your geeky dad with this Dress Shirt Card $4 (H&M Design), Dark Knight Soap $5 (Consciously Connected Soap Factory) and this Captain America Coffee Cozy $12 (Geekdom Knits).

For the Craftsman $45


If you dad loves fine things, then this beautiful wood lathed bowl is sure to make him smile $45 (Lane's Custom Wood Works).

For the Fisherman $64

 Eagle CardFishing Gear Photograph

Remind your dad how much he loves being out in nature with this Eagle Card $4 (H&M Design) and Fishing Gear Plaque Mounted Photograph $60 (Lindsey Gagnon Photography and Art)

 Still Need an Idea?

Why not try this one: The Perfect Gift (Personalized for You) $50 - $100

The Perfect Gift

Let us take care of putting together something that your dad would love.  All you need to do is let us know the amount, a bit about your dad and then we will get something ready for your approval.

Final Thoughts

I really hope this gift guide helps you to come up with an amazing gift for your dad.  Remember to check out our gift for him collection for additional items.  Shop early to get the best selection and to ensure you get your items on time.  

In the comments tell us what makes your dad special.


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