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Free Shipping on Any Sized Order

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It's time to announce Christmas Promotion #3 and we think it is a pretty good one...

If you are like us, we have family all over the world and while we love to celebrate with everyone, this can't always happen.  Instead, there is always a rush to get to the mall to quickly purchase all the items we need to ship before rushing home to find out none of the boxes saved all year are the correct size and the lines at the post office are massive! 

Our next promotion should help, at least for your family and friends living in Canada.

If you are lucky enough to have all your family and friends close, why not do your shopping online (you can wear your PJ's, we won't judge) and have all the items ship to your house.  

Introducing Promotion #3

Free Shipping on any Sized Order

From November 29, 2016 until December 12, 2016 we will be offering free shipping on any sized order.  Make your holiday shopping that much easier by letting us do your shipping for you!

How to get free shipping

  1. Fill your cart with unique finds
  2. Click Checkout
  3. On the right hand side there is a "Discount" field, enter "Promo3"
  4. Presto, you now have free shipping on your order

But I want to use other discount codes?

There are lots of other great promotions happening on the website (be sure to check them out).  If you are wanting to use another discount code you will quickly discover that the website will not allow you to enter multiple codes...  We still want you to get your free shipping.  If this is the case please use the other discount code and in the notes section make a note where you want your items to ship.  It is then important to select "Pickup in Langdon" as your shipping option so that you are not charged for shipping.  We will ship as requested.

Ship Early for Christmas Arrival

Canada Post has guaranteed Christmas delivery if you ship prior to December 12, 2016.  If you are wanting Christmas delivery, please place your orders by December 8, 2016 so that we can ensure your package is at Canada Post in time.

Hopefully this promotion will help you to keep your sanity this year!

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