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FREE Soap: I'm looking for Testers

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I'm a huge fan of the handmade soaps that we carry on Thea-Bel and I know a lot of our customers are as well (our soap is one of our biggest sellers).  The problem is that we are lacking reviews on the website letting everyone know just how awesome they are!  I would like that to change so I am looking for people who want free soap in return for writing a short review letting everyone know what you thought.

FREE Soap - We Want You to Try it Out 

We recently got a whole bunch of new soap options on the website and I have samples to give away.  Here is how it will work:

  1. Send an email to sarah@Thea-Bel.ca letting me know you want some free soap.  Please include your mailing address with postal code.
  2. I will mail you (3) different soap samples for you to try.
  3. Write a review for at least (2) of the soaps letting people know what you thought.  Yes they can be short but if they are negative please indicate why you were not happy.  Sometimes what you dislike is actually a selling feature for someone else (example, you are a female and the soap smells too masculine so you don't give it as high of a review as if you were a man).
  4. Email me to let me know you wrote some reviews
  5. I will email you back with a code you can use to claim a FREE full sized bar of soap as a thank you.

It is just that easy to get a FREE bar of soap.  I have limited supplies so this will last until all the samples I have are used up.

If there is a specific soap or any specific requirements for the samples you want to test please let me know in your email and I will do my best to give you samples that fit.  All of our soaps are natural but some are better for children (if they are assisting with the testing), sensitive skin or different scents.  If you have any allergies please let me know.

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