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Gift Help - December

Sarah Reuangrith Gift Help Gift Ideas

We are back with some more gift ideas taken from the hundreds of handmade items that we have on the site. This time around we have ideas for the Dancer, Snowman Fan, Baby, Superhero and person looking for a goodnight sleep.

I love working one on one with my customers to find them the perfect gift. Feel free to send me an email asking for help or for the best deal purchase one of our mystery packs (on sale this month) and in the notes give me a theme.

Let me know in the comments what gifts you want to see next month.


If you have a dancer in your family why not spoil them with this collection inspired by dance. First you have the All Star Hanger to hang all their dance ribbons on, a rustic sign to remind them to always dance like no one is watching and finally a ballerina blanket perfect for snuggling up in after practice.

All Stars Hanger $32 - Made by LB Creations. Purchase here.

Rustic "Dance Like No One is Watching" Sign $7.50 - Made by Karisma's Homegrown Interior. Purchase here.

Ballerina Blanket $85 - Made by Lindsey Gagnon Photography and Craft. Purchase here.

 Snowman Bundle

The best part about having snowman on display in your house is that you can technically keep them on display for the entire winter season, not just Christmas. That means if you are like me and are really bad for leaving your Christmas decoration out for way to long, you won't get as many weird looks when you still have your snowman on display in February! This bundle makes it easy to give the gift of decorations.

Snowman Wreath $15 - Made by Trudy's Creations. Purchase here

Large Snowman Dish with Lid $20 - Made by H&M Designs. Purchase here.

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas Card $4 - Made by H&M Designs. Purchase here.

Baby Gift

I just love this collection of gifts for a new baby; it contains items that are sure to be cherished for years. First you have a Grab & Go Portable Change Station. This is one of my go to items, I have one in my stroller and I can't tell you how many times it has come to my rescue.  Then we have a Tooth Fairy Pillow. While the baby won't need this right away it is something that they will use a number of times over the years. Then finally we have a baby blanket perfect for monthly pictures to track how big the baby is getting. All the items can be purchased together or individually. We have lots of other baby items on the site so it would be easy to add a card, stuffed animal, outfit or something special for the mom to be.

Grab & Go: Portable Baby Changing Station $22 - Made by LB Creations. Purchase Now

Tooth Fairy Pillows $12 - Made by LB Creations. Purchase Now

Baby Blanket $30 - Made by The Humble Crafter. Purchase Now

Superhero Fan

Time to gather some of our superhero items together into one amazing gift pack. It starts with a Spider-man birthday card paired with a Captain America Coffee Cozy and finally a Batman Blanket. Never have DC and Marvel looked so good together. Purchase items individually or together to create a great gift.

Spider-man Birthday Card $4 - Made by LB Creations. Purchase Now

Captain America Coffee Cozy $12 - Made by Geekdom Knits. Purchase Now

Batman Blanket $85 - Made by Lindsey Gagnon Photography & Craft. Purchase Now

Goodnight Sleep

Is one of your New Year's Resolutions to sleep better in 2020? If so let us help you get there with these three items. First, restful sleep is helped when your bedroom makes you feel relaxed and cozy. Perhaps it is time for a little update with some fun embroidered pillow cases. Then you need a little Lavender, why not put one of these beautiful hearts into the drawer with your pajamas. Finally, have some of this Sleepy Time Tea right before bed to help get you ready to sleep.

Embroidered Pillow Cases $43 - Made by The Humble Crafter. Purchase

Lavender Filled Hearts $5 - Made by The Ruadh. Purchase Now.

Sleepy Time Tea $10 - Made by Big Hearts Apothecary. Purchase Now

Want More

If you enjoy seeing gift ideas, make sure you check out the gift ideas from last month. As always let us know in the comments what gift ideas you want to see next month. See more gift ideas.

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