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Gift Ideas - October

Sarah Reuangrith Birthday Gift Guide

One of my favorite things to do is to help people find perfect gifts by combining different items on our site from different vendors to create awesome one of a kind packages. Every month I put together some ideas to help you get started. This month I have put together some ideas for a housewarming, bringing the outside inside, sympathy and a gift perfect for the Harry Potter lover.

I love working one on one with my customers to find them the perfect gift. Feel free to send me an email asking for help or for the best deal purchase one of our mystery packs and in the notes give me a theme.

Let me know in the comments what gifts you want to see next month.

Housewarming Gift Idea

Housewarming Idea

Next time you are invited to a housewarming party why not shower them with locally made unique items that are perfect for their new home. In this gift package I have paired a key holder, keychain and a tissue holder. If you were going with this combination I would suggest going with the blue keychain and blue/green tissue holder so that everything matches. If you want to make this package even better, don't forget a card.

Wall Hanging Key Holder $19.50 - Made by Karisma's Homegrown Interior. Purchase Now

Cloth Heart Keychains $5 - Made by The Ruadh. Purchase Now.

Mason Tissue Holder $10 - Made by LB Creations. Purchase Now

 Bringing The Outside Inside

 If you are looking for a gift perfect for the person who enjoys being outside; whether through gardening or camping then here is one idea on what to get them. Each of these items is designed to make your indoor space remind you of being outside. First we have a fun paper windmill that comes in four different patterns (the unicorn one is pictured), who doesn't love playing with one of these! Then we have a beautiful set of embroidered pillows with a fun cheerful flower pattern. Lastly we have a set of 4 leaf coasters.

Paper Windmill $2.50 - Made by H&M Design. Purchase here

Embroidery Pillow Cases $43 - Made by The Humble Crafter. Purchase here

Leaf Coasters (Set of 4) $10 - Made by Geekdom Knits. Purchase here.


Sympathy Gift Idea

When someone I know experiences the grief of loosing someone they love, all I want to do is give them a big hug. Since I can't be there all the time, these items can stand in my place and help the person to grieve. First we have a beautiful Feather Thinking of You Card. Share one of your favorite memories in the card so that they can refer to it when you are not around. Then we have a mason jar tissue holder (comes in two colours), there are likely going to be tears so you may as well have something that looks good but is also easy to cradle in nook of your arm. Finally we have a heart blanket that they can wrap themselves up in.

Thinking of You card $4 - Made by H&M Design. Purchase

Mason Tissue Holder $10 - Made by LB Creations. Purchase

Heart Blanket $60 - Made by Lindsey Gagnon Photography and Craft. Purchase

 Harry Potter

I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan and love nothing else than sharing my love for all things Harry. I would combine these items along with a copy of the book for someone just getting started. First we have a Harry Potter themed birthday card (awesome card but it also serves as a little hint of what is to come) and then a bookmark and knitted wand. There are other themed Harry Potter items so if you don't like this combination make sure you check out everything else that we have. Shop all Harry Potter Items.

Harry Potter Birthday Card $4 - Made by LB Creations. Buy Now

Harry Potter House Bookmark $5 - Made by The Ruadh. Buy Now

Knitted Wand (Severus) $15 - Made by Geekdom Knits. Buy Now.


I hope that you loved some of these gift ideas. With Halloween fast approaching, make sure you check out our Halloween gift guide here.

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