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Gift Ideas - January

Sarah Reuangrith Gift Help Gift Ideas

We are back with some more gift ideas taken from the hundreds of handmade items that we have on the site. These gift ideas are just so much fun for me to put together, do you like the ones I picked this time around?

I love working one on one with my customers to find them the perfect gift. Feel free to send me an email asking for help or for the best deal purchase one of our mystery packs and in the notes give me a theme.

Let me know in the comments what gifts you want to see next month.

Pretty Things

Who doesn't love pretty things! This stunning collection is sure to make whomever you give it to feel really special. First we have a pair of mirrored acrylic snowflake earrings (so much prettier then the pictures), a stunning pearl bracelet (there is also a matching necklace and earrings available) and then one of our soap and lip balm gift packs (multiple scents to choose from). All the items can be purchased individually so add or replace items as you wish. Don't forget to add a card if this is going to be a gift.

Snowflake Earrings (Nickle Free) $5 - Made by H&M Design. Purchase

Captured Pearl Bracelet $20 - Made by The Ruadh. Purchase

Soap & Lip Balm Gift Set $11-$12 - Made by Trade & Mark Soap Company. Purchase

Birthday Girl

Make a girls birthday extra special with this fun birthday gift. First you have a birthday card perfect for the princess in your life. Every princess needs some bling, we have paired the card with one of these fun chain bracelet (not only knights should rock the chain-mail). Lastly you will want the throne to be extra special, these chain covers and birthday plate will dress up the most boring of chairs. As always you can purchase the items individually or combine them for a fun gift.

Princess Card $4 - Made by LB Creations. Purchase

Byzantine Chain Bracelet $15 - Made by The Ruadh. Purchase.

Birthday Package: Chair Cover and Birthday Plate $50 - Made by LB Creations. Purchase

Reading Essentials

I just love to read and would love nothing more than to spend my day and night buried in a good book. To help me achieve my goal, and the one of readers everywhere I have put together this gift pack of everything you need to spend the day reading. First we have a pair of our stylish book earrings. These are made with real paper and are just incredible to see up close. Just about every one of our customers has mentioned how they were stopped when wearing the earrings to be complimented and asked where they got them. Then we have a nice warm poncho (multiple colours available). Just like a blanket, this will keep you toasty warm while staying with you if you move reading areas. We can't forget your feet; who wants cold feet to distract you! Next we have a pair of hand knitted socks in a really fun pattern, these are sure to keep your feet thanking you. Finally, you will have to take breaks occasionally so we have included one of my favorite Harry Potter themed bookmark. All the items are purchased individually or you can combine them for a fun gift idea. If this is a gift, make sure you include a card.

Book Earrings $13 - Made by Magpie Pie. Purchase Now

Poncho $30 - Made by Lindsey Gagnon Photography and Craft. Purchase Now

Hand Knit Cabled Socks $60 - Made by Geekdom Knits. Purchase Now

Harry Potter "Always" Bookmark $5 - Made by The Ruadh. Purchase Now.

New Home

I just love going and visiting people when they move into a new house. There is just something so fun about getting to see the whole house instead of just the entertaining rooms. I love to take a gift when I go for the first time, mostly useful items which is why I put together this gift idea. As always the items are purchased individually so you can add or subtract items as you want. In this package I combined a beautiful card with very handy produce bags, fun leaf coasters and a colorful throw to use on a bed or couch.

Bed Bottom Throw $36 - Made by The Humble Crafter. Shop Now

Produce Bags $15 - Made by Magpie Pie. Shop Now

Wooden Hearts New Home Card $4 - Made by LB Creations. Shop Now

Leaf Coasters $10 - Made by Geekdom Knits. Shop Now 

Want More

Put together your own gift ideas by checking out some of our newest items from January.  As always let us know in the comments what gift ideas you want to see next month. See New Items

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