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Our Gift Recommendations for March / April

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We are back with some more gift ideas taken from the hundreds of handmade items that we have on the site. These gift ideas are just so much fun for me to put together, do you like the ones I picked this time around?

I love working one on one with my customers to find them the perfect gift. Feel free to send me an email asking for help or for the best deal purchase one of our mystery packs and in the notes give me a theme.

Let me know in the comments what gifts you want to see next month.

Farmers Market Queen


Who doesn't love exploring the Farmer's Market in your area! Do it in style with these must have items. First we have some produce bags that you can use to carry home all the beautiful fruits and veggies that you will be purchasing. You can use the market bag to carry your produce bags as well as any other items you pick up. When you get home, you can relax and enjoy a cup of Chamomile tea as you ponder how much fun you had. All the items are purchased individually while supplies last so use this as an idea that you can customize by replacing or adding any items that we have from our stock. 

Produce Bags (4 Pack) $15 - Made By Magpie Pie. Shop Now

Chamomile Tea $10 - Made By Big Hearts Apothecary. Shop Now

Market Bag (Lots of Colours) $20 - Made By Lindsey Gagnon Photography & Craft. Shop Now

Super Hero Fan


Who doesn't know a super hero fan? Here are some ideas of fun gifts that the fan in your life might enjoy. Remember all our items are purchased individually while supplies last so you could always swap out some of the items or add additional items from any of our stock items.

Spider-Man Card $4 - Made by LB Creations. Shop Now

Batman Blanket $85 - Made by Lindsey Gagnon Photography & Craft. Shop Now

Captain America Coffee Cozy $12 - Made by Geekdom Knits. Shop Now

 Summer Fun


 Anyone else looking forward to summer? Here is a fun gift idea that might help you to feel like summer is not that far away. This one would be great to compliment a trip or summer related gift (bike, outdoor items, etc.). I would suggest purchasing a few of the balloons so that you can have a proper water fight.

Popsicle Birthday Card $4 - Made by LB Creations. Shop Now

Treat Box $1.50 - Made by H&M Design. Shop Now

Reusable Water Balloons $2.50 each - Made by Lindsey Gagnon Photography & Craft. Shop Now

 Birthday Girl

Make a girls birthday extra special with this fun birthday gift. First you have a birthday card perfect for the princess in your life. Every princess needs some bling, we have paired the card with one of these fun chain bracelet (not only knights should rock the chain-mail). Lastly you will want the throne to be extra special, these chain covers and birthday plate will dress up the most boring of chairs. As always you can purchase the items individually or combine them for a fun gift.

Princess Card $4 - Made by LB Creations. Purchase

Byzantine Chain Bracelet $15 - Made by The Ruadh. Purchase.

Birthday Package: Chair Cover and Birthday Plate $50 - Made by LB Creations. Purchase

Eco Products


 Saving the environment has never been so easy! Here are three great products that work great and have the added benefit of being green. First we have some reusable wax wraps. These are great for packing up leftovers and snacks without the added bulk of using large containers. Then we have some produce bags, great for taking grocery shopping with you. Finally we have some stylish mittens that have been made from old sweaters. Stylish and oh so warm. Products are purchased individually so take this idea and make it your own.

Wax Wraps (Kitchen Buddy Pack) $25 - Made by Busy Bree's Wax Wraps. Shop Now

Produce Bags (4 Pack) $15 - Made By Magpie Pie. Shop Now

Mittens Made From Recycled Sweaters (Multiple Colours and Patterns Available) $22 - Made by LB Creations. Shop Now

Book Lover

Are reading more now that you are safe at home? If so why not treat yourself to this fun book themed gift. We have a pair of our amazing book earrings (other patterns available), a Pride and Prejudice inspired bookmark (other options available) and finally a beautiful rainbow throw. Pair this with your favorite book and you are all set for an afternoon/evening of reading. As always items are purchased individually so add or subtract items to create an amazing one of a kind gift.

Book Earrings $13 - Made by Magpie Pie. Shop

Bookmark $5 - Made by The Ruadh. Shop

Rainbow Throw $45 - Made by Maple Hearts Crafts. Shop

Want More?

Check out some of the new items that we got in so that you can put together your own unique gifts. New Items

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