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Gift Ideas - May

Sarah Reuangrith Gift Guide Gift Help Gift Ideas

We are back with some more gift ideas taken from the hundreds of handmade items that we have on the site. These gift ideas are just so much fun for me to put together! Whenever my vendors give me new items I am always thinking about what I would pair with it. Not everyone likes to do this so I have made things really easy for you to shop local and give amazing gifts.

I'm really excited to share some of the ideas I had for this month, including a pandemic survival kit and ideas for a Star Wars fan....

Let me know in the comments what gifts you want to see next month.

COVID-19 Survival Kit


Here is everything that you need to stay safe in our crazy times. We have a 100% cotton mask which are great for going out. While you are out, take a Germs Be Gone Spray to keep clean as you do what you need to do and then when you arrive home give your hands a good cleaning with one of these gorgeous hand soap pumps and soap.

100% Cotton Mask $10 - Made by LB Creations. See Masks

Hand Painted Soap Dispenser with Fragrance Oil Soap $20 - Made by Trade & Mark Soap Company. See Soap

Germs Be Gone Spray $15 - Made by Big Hearts Apothecary. See Spray

Eco Products


Saving the environment has never been so easy! Here are three great products that work great and have the added benefit of being green. First we have some reusable wax wraps. These are great for packing up leftovers and snacks without the added bulk of using large containers. Then we have some produce bags, great for taking grocery shopping with you. Finally we have some stylish mittens that have been made from old sweaters. Stylish and oh so warm. Products are purchased individually so take this idea and make it your own.

Wax Wraps (Kitchen Buddy Pack) $25 - Made by Busy Bree's Wax Wraps. Shop Now

Produce Bags (4 Pack) $15 - Made By Magpie Pie. Shop Now

Mittens Made From Recycled Sweaters (Multiple Colours and Patterns Available) $22 - Made by LB Creations. Shop Now

Star Wars Fan

May the force be with you! If you have any Star Wars fan with birthdays coming up or you are wanting to get organized for Christmas, check out this gift idea. Each item is purchased individually so you could always replace one of the items with one of our other Star Wars items to create an amazing gift that they will never forget.

Baby Yoda Keychain $12 - Made by Geekdom Knits. Shop Now

Death Star Ornament $12 - Made by Geekdom Knits. Shop Now

Star Wars Earrings $5 - Made by H&M Designs. Shop Now


If you have kids who love Minions then you are going to love this idea! We have more Minion items on the site to choose from so have fun putting together a Minion themed gift. As with all our gift recommendations you purchase the items individually so that you can mix and match to create your perfect gift.

Minion Card $6 - Made by H&M Design. Shop Now

Minion Hat $20 - Made by Lindsey Gagnon Photography & Craft. Shop Now

Minion Lantern $15 - Made by H&M Design. Shop Now

Gym Lover

As things open back up I know so many people are anxious to get back into the gym or head to the beach. Here is a gift idea just for them. As always you purchase the items individually so it is easy to add a stunning piece of jewelry, a bookmark or some tea to create a fun gift tailored just for them.

Gym or Beach Bag $30 - Made by Magpie Pie. Shop Now

Scrunchie $5 - Made by Lindsey Gagnon Photography & Craft. Shop Now

Germ Be Gone Spray $15 - Made by Big Hearts Apothecary. Shop Now

 Goodnight Sleep

With everything going on, who doesn't need a better sleep. Here are three items that could help you to have a more relaxing rest. As always these are ideas only so add or remove items to create the perfect pack for you.

Embroidered Pillow Cases $43 - Made by The Humble Crafter. Purchase

Lavender Filled Hearts $5 - Made by The Ruadh. Purchase Now.

Sleepy Time Tea $10 - Made by Big Hearts Apothecary. Purchase Now

Want More

Check out all the New and Notable items for this month to create your own gift packs.

I love working one on one with my customers to find them the perfect gift. Feel free to send me an email asking for help or for the best deal purchase one of our mystery packs and in the notes give me a theme.

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