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Guest Blog: Simple Photography Tips

Sarah Reuangrith

This week we have a special blog, our very first ever guest blog post!  Lindsey Gagnon our feature supplier this month is an amazing photographer for nature and portrait.  She has put together a short post with some tips on how to take the best photos without having to spend a lot of money on equipment or a lot of time editing.

Take it away Lindsey:

Photography doesn't always need fancy tools and expensive equipment. Use the light you have around you. Highlight the side of your subject's face beside a window, or even a computer screen. Reflect back light using a white piece of paper, or even coloured for different effects. If you are shooting still life, slow your shutter speed and lightly "paint" your subject with a flash light in areas you want to highlight. Try different things. The glorious thing about our digital age, is it doesn't cost you to practice. Don't like a shot? Learn from what you did, delete and move on! Photography, like any other skill, relies on patience and practice! Good luck! 

Hopefully you enjoyed this quick post, I for one will be trying her tip about using the computer screen as a light source!

If you want to see some of Lindsey's work be sure to check her out online:  




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