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Guest Post: Balance - Finding Balance in Your Life

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This week you are in for a real treat.  Our feature supplier, The Ruadh has written us a special guest blog post on a topic very close to me; finding balance.  Ever since I can remember I have always struggled to find a happy medium where I am productive enough for my type A personality while still taking the time to enjoy life's special moments.  I really hope you enjoy this!

BALANCE: Guest Blog Post by Stacey McGregor

 Balance. Work-life balance. School-life balance. Social life-me time balance. Balanced diet. Husband, wife, children, pets. Hobbies, crafts, friends, family. Self. Balance. 

There are so many things we must balance in our lives. And these days it seems like everyone takes everything on. We can’t say no to anyone, anything. If we do, we’re lame, boring, selfish, introverted; we’re not a go-getter, we’re letting life pass us by. 

The pressure to do and be and have it all is huge. And thanks to social media, we have this false notion that all of our friends do and are and have it all. None of our friends struggle with anything, say no to anything. No one has a bad day, week, month, year. Right? 

I, for one, do not do, am not, nor do I have it all. What do I do? I do what I love, what I have time and passion for. Who am I? I am me, perfect in my imperfections. What do I have? Enough. Exactly what I need. It has been an interesting self-journey to come to these realizations. And I still have days when I think I don’t do enough, I’m not enough, I don’t have enough. And that’s ok too – we’re all only human, we are allowed to have moments of doubt. 

As I write this, my daughter is taking her nap, my husband is taking a break from his life demands and playing some video games with friends, and my dogs are lounging on the couch. We are a family who has learned the trick of balance. Mostly. We have learned to say no to things, to take time for ourselves. I turned my hobbies into things that can make me money, so that I can have a relaxing evening of “me time” and also be “working”. Not everyone can do this, so it’s important to be able to say no to work and yes to “me time” when you can. Work will still be there in the morning; so will the dishes, the dirty floor, the laundry. Think of what is important in your life: YOU. Are you happy? Do you take time to do things for yourself, or are you always doing things for others? As much as everyone else is important – your kids, spouse, family, work – you are still the one living your life. And if you always say “I’ll take time for myself tomorrow”, “tomorrow” may never come. Even if it’s only an hour, 20 minutes, 5 minutes – take a break. Take a breath. Do something you love. And if you decide you want to do “nothing” today, then at the end of the day don’t think you did “nothing” – you accomplished what you set out to do. You don’t have to do everything, be everything, have everything. You do enough, you are enough, you have enough. Balance is about doing what you need to do, what you want to do, what you have to do, when you need, want, and have to do it, without sacrificing yourself and your happiness. At least, as much as any of that can be in our control. And it won’t be perfect every day. That’s ok – it’s going to take us all a lifetime to learn to balance all the demands on our time and our selves.



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