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Holiday Joy - Articles from Around the Internet

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Christmas is my favorite holiday of the year! I think it has to do with all the time spent with family and friends and lots of delicious food (I love entertaining if you haven't figured that out). This month I have pulled together some articles to put you in the Christmas mood. I hope you enjoy them!

Holiday Joy - Articles from Around the Internet

Check out some of these amazing articles.

The Top 11 Christmas Traditions Around the World

Some of the traditions mentioned in this article are simply amazing and I want to go and see them first hand. I can't decided if I most love the KFC Chicken dinner (hilarious) or the lantern festival (so pretty) or the roller skating to church (not so much in our climate but how much fun!). Do you know of any other traditions that are worth seeing? Check out the article.

Christmas Bucket List: 45 Fun Activities & Spirited Things to Do

If you are looking to get yourself focused away from the shopping and onto creating holiday joy then this is a great article to read. In it are 45 different things to do over the holidays; everything from visiting Santa to volunteering. What is on your list to do over the holidays? I am slowly working through mine with some of the baking checked off and lots of Christmas movies watched. Read the article.

How to Wrap Christmas Presents: 10 Gift Wrapping Tips & Tricks

Where was this article years ago!!!!! This was the article that I didn't know that I needed. It contains 10 videos that go from simple wrap jobs to much harder. I am bookmarking this site so that I can refer to it when it comes time to wrap the rest of the Christmas presents. Read Article.

30 Best Board Games of All Time

New Years eve is coming up so maybe you are planning to host an epic board game night, if so then I suggest you check out this list and see how your favorites stack up. I have to say I agree, my favorites are right up there! See list.

Articles Written By Thea-Bel 

Make sure you also check out some of the articles that we have written as well that fit in with our monthly theme.

Top 10 Reasons to Shop Local

I like to think of every dollar we spend as a "vote" where you are voting for the products/services that you want more of. When you shop local, you are letting the smaller guys know that you want them to stick around. Small, local companies offer so much to the community, here is 10 reasons why you should cast your votes for small local businesses when doing your holiday shopping. Read article.

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