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How Thea-Bel Can Help You Keep Your New Years Resolutions

Sarah Reuangrith Goal Setting New Year Resolutions


Today I want to talk about New Years Resolutions.  I'm a firm believer in goal setting and taking time to reflect and evaluate how your life is going.  In this post I'm going to be talking about some of the great resolutions you might have made and how we can help you to achieve them.

Resolution: Shopping Local

Shopping local is one of the easiest ways to stimulate the economy and so much fun to do.  Why is this important?  Anyone living in Alberta has had a tough couple years with the economy not being at its best.  Purchasing local means that someone in the province can afford to go out and get groceries, pay for their kids to play sports or perhaps upgrade their vehicle.  All of these purchases support other services in the community creating a snow ball effect that helps everyone.  Who knew shopping local could be so much fun!  Thea-Bel has over twenty vendors, all living in Alberta.  We have made it really easy to find and support the local economy.

Resolution: Buying Quality Items

Is your resolution to purchase quality over quantity this year?  Great resolution, by supporting places that make quality items you are investing in items that will be around for years to come.  Thea-Bel's vendors are all very passionate and strive to create high quality pieces that you will love and keep for years to come.

Resolution: Being Unique

We all know that you are a unique individual but perhaps in the past you have hidden by being a copy cat of everyone else.  This year perhaps you want to showcase your individuality.  As most of the items on Thea-Bel are available in very small quantities, you can purchase one of a kind items for yourself and home that no one else will have.

Resolution: Giving Great Gifts

Are you developing a reputation for only giving money or really bad gifts?  Maybe this year you want to change people's opinions by giving some really amazing items that are sure to knock people's socks off.  The best part about this resolution is that we are here to help and can do all the work for you.  Simply send us an email telling us what you are looking for and we can shop the store and put together some awesome items that are sure to make great gifts.

Resolution: Keeping in Touch with Friends

Your life is busy so perhaps months can go by without talking to someone.  Thea-Bel has beautiful cards for all occasions and can give you that excuse to reach out and send a beautiful handwritten message letting friends and family know you haven't forgotten about them.

What is Your New Years Resolution?

What are your resolutions for this year?  Make sure you tell me in the comments.  

My resolution this year is to focus on time and how I want to be sure I am doing what I actually want to be doing, not just what I think I should be doing.  I often spend time doing things I don't necessarily want to do but think I should be doing (for example cleaning my house when the mess is not bothering me) when really there are other things I want to be doing that I don't have time to do.  For me this year is about prioritizing my time.  Sounds easy but I know it is going to be tough for me.  

Want more help keeping your resolutions, be sure to check out last year's post where we listed some of the products that could help you keep your resolutions.  You can read it here.

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  • Sarah on

    Oooh great goal Peggy! I need to organize my craft area as well.

  • Peggy Jorgensen on

    I have to reorganize my sewing area downstairs and decide what type of projects are good ones to persue.

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