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How to Create an Urn Using a Wood Lathe

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This week we have a very special treat!  Recently Lane from Lane's Custom Wood Works created an urn for a friend that passed away from a wood chair that belonged to his grandfather.  How cool is that?  Lane loves taking items that mean something and then transforming them into something different, such as an urn.  Fortunately for us, when he created this urn he took some pictures along the way so that he can show us how he does it.

Step by Step Guide

First we need some wood.  This wood chair is perfect!  The final urn that you will see has been created about 80% from this chair.  The remaining wood was plank boards that were provided by the widow.

To make the urn, the chair needs to be dismantled.  Each piece then needs to be sanded down so that it is ready to use.

To make larger boards, pieces are cut down so they are roughly the same size

The pieces are then glued piece 

By Piece

And then stacked layer by layer

so that you form a rough shape

Then you use a saw to form the blanks that you will shape using a wood lathe.  First the outside circle is cut.

Then, to make thing easier later on, an interior circle is cut.

These rings are then glued together.  It is easier to work with smaller pieces so in this example Lane creates the top and bottom of the urn separately.  

The blanks are loaded on the lathe and the shaping begins.

Once the outside shape is where he wants it, Lane hollows out the middle.

Here are the two pieces before the urn is assembled. 

Top and bottom are glued together.

Time for a quick touch up on the lathe.

Once Lane has a shape that he is happy with he does some sanding and ends up with something like this.  This is when the piece really starts to take shape.  

Now Lane applies a stain to the wood.  Just look at the difference.  This piece is now complete.

From Chair to Urn: Before & After

Pretty amazing that this chair turned into this beautiful urn!

What Step by Step Guide do You Want To See Next

Hopefully you enjoyed learning more about what Lane does.  In the comments, please tell us what you think of this step by step guide and let us know what you want to see next.

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  • Doris on

    It was for my late husband that Lane made the urn out of the old chair. My hubby was going to restore his grandfather’s old chair [the chair was over 100 years old] so that he could have it in the porch to sit on when he was getting ready to go outside to work on our acreage. Thanks to Lane, he is now resting in Papa’s chair. Lane turned the old chair into an incredible masterpiece. Thank you so much, Lane.

  • Sarah on

    Lane I love your work, it is just incredible!!!!! I love that you can take something such as a chair and give it new life. Thanks for showing how much work goes into your pieces.

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