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How to Make Soap

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This week we have a special treat for you!  Recently Deb from Consciously Connected Soap Factory documented her soap making for us so that we could put together a little "How To Make Soap" blog.  The soap that she features in this tutorial is none other than our very own Thea-Bel soap which will be available for sale this fall.

We hope you enjoy this, be sure to let us know what you think in the comments section at the end of the article.

How to Make Soap

First off let's meet Deb:


 And we are off.

First we need to get the supplies ready to go

 Then we need to heat the butters and oils

Nothing but the best goes in my soap

Next we need to add the measured lye to the water.....this can heat up to 200°F. Wearing safety equipment is very important! Lye is a must. Without lye there would be no soap.

Now we add the Kaolin clay to the heated super-fat (that's the extra oils and butter)

I like to be very organized

When the temperatures of the lye water and the oils and butters are at a 100°F degrees it's time to put them together and watch the magic.

Once the mixture starts to feel like cake batter and the batter drips stay on top then it's time to add the super-fat, essential oils and any other adds.

Now comes the colour

For the Thea-Bel soap I am using two colours.  Now I pour the soap into the molds.

I have a specific design in mind so will pour the soap into the molds keeping the colours separated.

First part of the design

Pouring the rest of the soap batter in

Now to add a design to the top

Voila, now it sits insulated with a towel until tomorrow.

Now that the soap has had a chance to settle overnight, the bars can be removed

Next the bars are cut down to size

Now the wait begins.  Soap on average takes six weeks to cure.  These bars will need to hang out a bit before they are available for sale.

There you go, beautiful bars of soap just waiting for you to take home to try!

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  • Erin B on

    This was really neat! I really liked the video intro, and the pictures of the process were great. Love how she combined the two different colours and added the design – incredible! Definitely have a new appreciation for homemade soap.

  • BArb on

    Love the theabel colour!

  • Lynette on

    So much work goes into the soap, much to my surprise. Enjoyed seeing the steps involved

  • Trish on

    Wow like most homemade items one does not realize the time and patience that goes into making the item. So talented. Thanks for sharing.

  • Heather on

    And this is why I buy soap and don’t make it! I can barely bake cookies – so thank you to the talented people that are so much more patient than I am. :-)

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