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Kid's Corner - Learn About Our Kid Program

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If you have been following us for awhile you will have noticed that recently we got in some pretty amazing new vendors. Like all the amazing creators, these ones are talented and create beautiful work. What makes them different? They are kids. When I started Thea-Bel I never imagined that one day we would have the privilege of helping the next generation of entrepreneurs but here we are.  It is time to talk a bit more about this program.

Be sure to read the whole blog as at the bottom we will show off some of the current kids and their creations.

How it Started

Our kids program started when Megan from H&M Design mentioned her son Kale had started to make crayons and wondered if Thea-Bel would be interested in selling them. Of course I was and realized quickly that if there was one, there was probably more. As a result our kids program was born.

Our Goal

Our goal with Kid's Corner is to support and encourage kid entrepreneurs by helping them reach a wider audience all while taking the burden off their parents to "sell" their kids items.

Who Can Apply

This program is designed for kids 12 and under. We are willing to make some exceptions on the age but do usually recommend that anyone over 12 starts to create their own brand through our usual vendor program.

What Items Will You Sell?

We are happy to take on most handmade items include cards, artwork, jewelry, knitted items, etc. We do not take food items unless you are properly certified or are using previously packaged items (for example candy bouquets made from chocolate bars). 

How it Works

Our kids program works very similar to our adult program but with a few changes. Like with the our regular program we collect the items from you and then handle the marketing and selling of the items. The first change is that all the kids are lumped together as one vendor; Kid's Corner.  Things change fast in kids lives so while they might be interested in selling something now, in a month they might not be. We want to make it easy for kids to sell items right away and then if they find something new to do, no big deal. The other big difference is that my commission is only 15% (instead of 30% which is my usual take). As I stated above, my goal is to support and encourage the next generation and while I think it is an important lesson that nothing is done for free, the goal is not to make money on the kids.

There are no minimums and no cost to sign up, kids (or their parents) simply need to send me an email letting me know they are interested and I will send some forms to sign.

If you have any questions or want to sign up, please shoot me an email.

Meet Our Kid's

At the time of this blog post, we have three amazing kids in our Kid's Corner program. We encourage you to check them out. 

Once You know who they are, look at all the amazing items they have created. Shop all Kid Items
Kid Entrepreneurs

 Gift Ideas

One of the things that we like to do at Thea-Bel is to be a one stop shop for everything handmade. That means we love to help you put together gifts. Everything on Thea-Bel ships together so why not save some time and money and do all on your shopping on Thea-Bel!

Here are some ideas for you. All items are sold individually so you can easily mix and match to create the perfect gift. 


Star Wars Gift Idea

Where are my Star War's fans at? This gift idea packs a punch but still comes in at an excellent price point. You are sure to get some brownie points with this one! 

 Home Gift Idea

Here is a gift idea that will make your home wonderfully cozy! All the items are made by Canadians. Mix and match to create a unique gift.

Unicorn Gift Idea

Unicorns are just so much fun! If you know a little girl who finds them as magical as me, you are going to love this combo. A magical card paired with some crayons. Add a coloring book or maybe a unicorn stuffy and you have a gift fit for a princess.

Gift Idea

Art comes in many forms which is why I love this combo so much! Both represent art but one goes on the wall while the other can be worn out and about.

Orange Gift Idea

There is just something that screams summer about this combo!


Sending Sunshine Gift Idea

Make someone's day with this fun combo.

Star Wars Gift Idea

Grab this combo while you can as the Death Star ornament is leaving the site soon. 

Thank You Gift Idea

I just love how well this combo goes together. It is just perfect for a thank you gift.

Retirement Gift Idea

 Celebrate a retirement with colour! Such a fun way to send someone off.

Want More

Make sure you are following Thea-Bel on social media as we will be suggesting gift pairings all week for the new items added. 

Want to see more products, check out our New Home Gift Guide

New Home Gift Ideas


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