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Latest Custom Piece: Wood Book Chest

Sarah Reuangrith Book Chest Custom Work Wood Working

One of the huge bonuses of having multiple hobbyists in the same place is that we have the ability to take on custom work.  With so many diverse talents all in one spot there is generally someone who can complete the work. Recently another custom piece was created and it was simply so stunning I just had to share more about it.

Latest Custom Piece: Wood Book Chest

Like so many of the custom jobs that we have done in the past, this particular job started out as inquiry email from a potential customer. They were looking for someone who could make a wooden book chest and were hoping we could help her out.

A few pictures were provided for ideas but really she was looking for something with a domed lid and a couple different types of wood.  

Pictures in hand I reached out to my wonderful vendors and got a hit.  With a few more emails to confirm a few details we had a customer as well as a vendor (Lane's Custom Wood Works).

This was a really fun project to watch come together. We had some dimensions to work with and Lane did an amazing job starting to put things together.

It started out looking pretty plain but even at this time you could start to see the potential.

We were able to send periodic updates to the customer and even get their input throughout the process to make sure that the were happy with how things were looking. For example she got to choose how many strips of pine she wanted along the side.

The end result was just amazing!


This stunning piece was shipped off to another happy customer!

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