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Meet Deb

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Our feature supplier this month is Consciously Connected Soap Factory.  The person behind this local Calgary soap maker is Deb.  Continuing our series of vendor interviews I had the opportunity to sit down and ask Deb some questions.  I hope you enjoy our interview!

Some Background

Deb and I connected through Thea-Bel.  One of her friends saw one of my posts and passed my information along.  The rest as you can say is history.  I have really enjoyed getting to know Deb.  Not only is she the most passionate person I have ever met with regards to soap, she is also so sweet and I always learn so much during our conversations.  Deb is married and has three kids, all grown up now.  She also has five fur-babies!  Before getting involved with soap making she worked with seniors.  She started out in housekeeping and fifteen years later when she left she was the director of operations.

What attracted you to making soap?

I got into soap making in a round about way, it started six or seven years ago when I underwent a lifestyle change.  I was really sick at the time and started to make some changes so that I could feel better.  It started with a change in diet and then progressed to removing all the harmful chemicals in the house.  The problem was that once I removed all the chemicals, I had to replace them with something.  So I started making my own cleaning products.  One day I was looking for supplies to make my latest batch when I ended up at "Soap and More".  I fell in love with the soaps and asked the owner, Maureen if she was hiring.  I ended up with a job and took soap classes from Maureen (she is my guru and has over 30 years experience making soap).  I love the process of making soap so have just kept at it.

How long have you been making soap?

It has been around two years now.  I've jumped into soap making with both feet and in that time frame have made over six hundred batches of soap.  It is just so much fun!  [That is an awful lot of soap!  If you follow Consciously Connected Soap Factory on Facebook you will see a lot of pictures, Deb is a soap making machine].

How do you decide what to create?

I have my standard soaps that I make over and over again and these are created when I start to run low.  It typically takes around six weeks for the soap to cure so I have to plan ahead.  I also really enjoy coming up with new soaps.  Formulating a recipe is often the longest part of the process.  I have to sit down and plan it out.  There are typically three facets to a bar of soap and there are lots of options within each one.  First we have to look at the bar itself, then the design and finally the ingredients.

Any big plans for new items?

I am running low on a lot of my soaps so I will be pumping out a lot of repeats over the next little bit.  Then I am excited to get going on my Christmas soaps.  I'm working on one, I can't give you much information but I can say I am calling it "Ice Queen".  Stay tuned...

What do you hope people get from your items?

A quality product made from natural ingredients.  I really hope people realize that handcrafted soap is so much better than store bought (mine or anyone else's).  I don't want people using "bad" soap.  People need to start reading ingredients and be their own advocates.  There are a lot of harmful chemicals out there...

Do you have a favorite product that you have created?

I have multiple favorites...  My top two are probably the Bamboo and Gardener's Soap [Bamboo has to be my favorite, at least at the moment].

Pictured here is the Gardener's Soap

What prompted you to join Thea-Bel?

I don't want to do the marketing, I just want to make soap!  My girlfriend saw Thea-Bel's site and connected me, I liked the idea so signed up.

Is there anything else you want people to know?

I make all my soaps with love and I am very passionate about it.

Is there anywhere besides Thea-Bel that people can get your items?

Yes, you can also purchase my soaps at "My Favorite Store" in Bragg Creek.

Well there you go, I hope that you enjoyed learning a little bit more about Deb.  

Now is a great month to try out Consciously Connected Soap Factory's soap if you haven't already.  This month when you purchase two bars you get one free.  Great time to stock up on this amazing product!

We are also giving away soap for free this month.  You can learn more about it here.  One of the ways you can win is to comment on our blog posts...  Why not let us know what you think of this interview or questions you have for Deb and be entered to win?


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  • Erin B on

    This was very informative about the soaps Deb makes! It was also nice to get a bit of background on how she got in to it and why she’s so passionate about what she makes.

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