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Meet Lane from Lane's Custom Wood Works

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This month our feature vendor is Lane's Custom Wood Works.  Lane creates unique quality wood pieces using a wood lathe.  If you haven't had a chance to check out his items yet, now is the time to shop his store.

This month we sat down with Lane to ask him about his business.

First Some Background

Lane and I met through Thea-Bel.  He saw an ad that I had placed on Kijiji and followed up.  I have to say that I am pretty happy to have Lane as part of the team!  Not only is his work outstanding, but he is also a really nice guy.  He is a father and grandfather who has been married for 40 years. 

How Did You Come Up With Your Name?

The Welding Shop that I work out of is Welding Custom Cut and Fabrication.  I decided when I was getting into lathe work that I should keep the custom part and ended up going with Lane's Custom Wood Works.

What Attracted You to Creating Wood Lathe Work?

It all started when my sisters asked me to make a urn for my mother. I had done some work with a lathe in high school but hadn't touched it in awhile.  Why not, I thought?  I remembered really enjoying the work so purchased a lathe and made by mom an urn.  She really liked it and I enjoyed making it so started making other things as gifts including urns for friends who asked.   I am actually just finishing up an urn I made for a friend from his grandfathers old wood chair. 

How Long Have You Been Making Your Creations?

 It has been around two years now, if you don't count my time in high school.

How Do You Decide What to Create?

Just like when I create steel art, I am using materials that have character, that is just the way it is.  So I use this character to create something that I like.  Sometimes I ask for opinions, other times if I don't like the way things are looking, I will take a little off here or there.  I have to be careful though as I can't put the wood back on!  I just hope people like the finished product!

Any Big Plans for New Items?

I would like to do some more work with music boxes.  I would like to try some that have the music box on the top or that you can wind from outside the box.

What Do You Hope People Get From Your Items?

I like to make something that means something to someone.  I hope my items can bring back fond memories [Lane often uses wood provided by the customer so that he can create something that holds special memories].  I want people to get a one of a kind piece, something unique that they are happy with.

Do You Have a Favorite Product That You Have Created?

The last piece I have created!  I like them all.  I get a real sense of satisfaction for each completed project.  Each one is going to be different so I enjoy seeing what comes out of it.  In my shop I do the same thing over and over again and it just isn't fun!

 What is Your Favorite Product Created By Someone Else on Thea-Bel?

I really like the baby bandanna bibs created by Shaunna Dashney. [good choice, these are super cute but also extremely practical].


What Prompted You to Join Thea-Bel?

I was looking for someone to look after my stuff.  I saw an ad on Kijiji and it was exactly what I was looking for.  I'm limited based on where I am.  It is also not worth my time, there are always other things to do around the house and I would rather spend the time doing them.  I am happy to leave the selling to Thea-Bel!

Is There Anything Else You Want People To Know?

I really like doing custom work for people.  I especially enjoy taking a piece of wood that hold memories and turning it into something beautiful that can be touched.

Is There Anywhere Besides Thea-Bel That People Can Get Your Items?

Just from me.  I have a few connections through family to a flower shop and a hair and nail salon but so far nothing is there yet.  Maybe one day.

Do You Do Custom Work?

Absolutely!  I love helping to make memories.  I encourage you to look around and then get me wood that holds a special meaning to you (old furniture, buildings, trees that are being cut down, etc).  I can then turn it into a jewellery box or bowl.  This allows you to continue to keep the items close but in a compact, beautiful way!

Wrap Up

There you go, I hope you enjoyed learning more about Lane.  This month all of his items are on sale for 10% off BUT you need to use discount code "Lane".  Learn more.

Tell us in the comments which of Lane's pieces is your favorite?

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