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Meet Megan from H&M Design

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This month our feature vendor is H&M Design.  If you haven't had a chance to check out the items they have available for sale, you should if only to see the sheer variety of items that H&M creates.  Megan is a multi-talented crafter who sews, makes ceramics and can do a lot with paper.

This month we sat down with Megan to ask her some questions.

First Some Background

 Megan and I first met through the Langdon Community Association.  We had both volunteered for Langdon Days [this is an amazing event that happens in July, this year on July 21 - 23, 2017 and is worth checking out].  I was on the communication team and Megan was running the silent auction.  At the auction I got to see first hand some of her amazing creations.  I continued to see her items on Facebook and at markets for the next couple years.  When Thea-Bel was created I just had to reach out and see if she would join.  Fortunately for me, as well as all of you she said yes!  Megan is married, has a beautiful son and when not creating items for sale she works as a LPN. 

What Attracted You to Making Cards, Ceramics & Sewing Projects?

I love working with my hands and making items that people love makes me happy.

How Long Have You Been Making Your Creations?

A long time!  When I was 5 I helped my nana make teddy bears that she sold,  so over 36 years.

How Do You Decide What to Create?

Inspiration strikes me at random moments; a lot of the time I wake up in the middle of the night with an idea.  Or sometimes it is something I see and I alter it slightly to put my own spin on it.

Any Big Plans for New Items?

Working on birthday party items, for favours.  I have a few clients that order them for their kids but so far this is not something that has been offered through Thea-Bel.  I would like to do more custom birthday favours, they are so much fun to do!

What Do You Hope People Get From Your Items?

Just to enjoy and love what I create!

Do You Have a Favorite Product That You Have Created?

I love doing Easter items because bunnies make people happy!

[Pictured above are some of the adorable bunny boxes that Megan makes around Easter time.  She fills them with some yummy Easter goodies.  We will have some available for sale soon.]

What Prompted You to Join Thea-Bel?

Sarah did,  I had never thought of having someone else promote my items until she sent me an email.  And it's been an outstanding relationship we have built and I look forward to many more years working together. [Megan I look forward to many more years as well, you are so much fun to work with!]

Is There Anything Else You Want People To Know?

I don't normally have items on hand, most of my items are custom orders made just for you. 

Also, because all my cards and ceramics are hand cut and painted each item is unique.

Is There Anywhere Besides Thea-Bel That People Can Get Your Items?

I do several markets throughout the year in the local communities surrounding Langdon.  It's best to contact me through Sarah though.

Do You Do Custom Work?

Yes, on all my paper products.  I request a week turn around depending on the size of order and the time of year.

Wrap Up

There you go, I hope you enjoyed learning more about Megan.  Be sure to check out all the items she has available for sale.  Also, if you place an order over $15 this month (till February 28, 2017) you get a free card.  Learn more about this promotion here.

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