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Meet Monika from Zoopooz Surprise Toys

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This month our feature vendor is Zoopooz Surprise Toys.  If you haven't had a chance to purchase your Zoopooz, get yours today.  Zoopooz are surprise pompom creatures that come from the land of Zoopoozia.  Each box contains a different Zoopooz creature.  Which one will you get?

This month we sat down with Zoopooz creator Monika.

First Some Background

Monika and I met through my sister in law.  Thea-Bel was pretty new and I was looking for vendors and Monika happened to have a product that she was interested in selling.  It has been a pleasure to get to know Monika, she is a really interesting and creative person.  Like many of the vendors on the website, she is a mom to two children.  I'm not sure how she does it but she runs multiple business while working: Zoopooz, Hair with Monat and her own website.  She is an artist that works with oils.  An interesting fact that I learned about her is that she was the celebrity artist at the Oscars (how cool is that) a few years back and has shown her work all over the world.

What Attracted You to Creating Zoopooz?

Zoopooz started as a fun craft project to do with my daughter a few years ago. She loved them and when she took some to school they were a hit with her friends. I figured we had something that would sell so I jumped in with both feet; designed a website, packaging, created the Zoopooz world and of course made some Zoopooz.

How Long Have You Been Making Your Creations?

It's been around two years now.  It took some time to get things trademarked and to build the website but Zoopooz have been on sale for about a year now.

Any Big Plans for New Items?

I would love to make some larger ones and include a few more Zoopooz breeds (right now we have three: PetPooz, FairyPooz & Magooz).  I would also like to expand into fundraising using Zoopooz.  I can do custom tags on any of my Zoopooz so ideally I would love to partner up with a charity and have a percentage of sales go to them.

What Do You Hope People Get From Your Items?

 I hope that people love them and find them entertaining.  I recently had a video sent to me from a mom whose kid sleeps with a Zoopooz and carries it everywhere.  This is exactly what I love to here!  They make a great addition to any mom's emergency present stash for last minute gifts.

Do You Have a Favorite Product That You Have Created?

My favorite Zoopooz breed is the Mapooz.  I just love their hair.  They really remind me of trolls.

What Prompted You to Join Thea-Bel?

I joined because of Brenda [my sister-in-law].  She told me you were awesome [thanks Brenda] so I decided to join up.

Is There Anything Else You Want People To Know?

I would love to do some fundraising using Zoopooz.  I can do custom tags on my Zoopooz in quantities of 1 up to 500.  Tags could have the charities logo on them and a percentage of sales would go to the organization.  

Is There Anywhere Besides Thea-Bel That People Can Get Your Items?

They can be purchased through Zoopooz website as well as at Castle Toys in Calgary.

Do You Do Custom Work?

Yes I sure do.  I can include a logo or a date on the ribbon which is then attached to the Zoopooz.  They would be great as loot bags at a kids birthday or as a fun favor at a wedding.

Wrap Up

There you go, I hope you enjoyed learning more about Monika.  If you place an order over $40 this month (till April 30, 2017) you get a free Zoopooz.  Which one will you get?  Learn more about this promotion here.

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