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Meet Trudy from Trudy's Creations

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 After a break for a couple months I am thrilled to announce that our supplier interviews are back!  Have I mentioned how much I enjoy introducing you to the talented people who make all the incredible items on Thea-Bel?  It really is a highlight for me.  All the hobbyists on this site are not only talented artists but also amazing people, Thea-Bel is so lucky to have all of them!

This month we sat down with Trudy from Trudy's Creations.

First Some Background

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I met Trudy shortly after I arrived in Langdon as she and I were part of the same book group.  After I found out she was a nail technician that came highly recommended, she became my go to for pedicures and the odd manicure.  Trudy is married and has a beautiful nine year old daughter named Zoe.  Before becoming a nail tech, Trudy was a stay at home mom for eight years.  Going back further in Trudy's work history she worked a number of jobs including being a restaurant owner and working in insurance.


What Attracted You to Making Cards and Wreaths?

Since I have been making wreaths the longest, let's start there.  I originally started making dried flower arrangements and over time it morphed into wreaths.  I'm not sure why exactly but now that I started I really enjoy it and keep going.

For cards/paper crafting, I am part of a Stamping Up group that meets up once a month to make cards.  I joined because of a friend and have been going since.

How Long Have You Been Making Wreaths and Paper Crafts?

I've been making wreaths since I was twenty and been paper crafting for around 15 years.  I started out mostly scrap-booking but now do the cards.

How Do You Decide What to Create?

To get ideas for wreaths I look on Pinterest, the internet and magazines.  The materials I have on hand also play a large role in helping me to come up with a design.

For making cards I look at the current Stamping Up catalogue to see what I like and then put my own twist on things.

Any Big Plans for New Items?

I'm hoping to make some seasonal framed art.  [Here are some examples that Trudy sent of past work]

What Do You Hope People Get From Your Items?

I hope people feel joy and have pride of ownership!  I hope people hang my wreaths on the wall and are proud to have people see them.  I also hope people feel that everything is a good price point.  For cards I am just happy to have an outlet for my creations.  I just love making cards but am really bad about giving them away...  My pile just keeps growing so I am happy to hand them over to Thea-Bel.

Do You Have a Favorite Product That You Have Created?

I made some custom wreaths last year and I am very proud of them!

What Prompted You to Join Thea-Bel?

My friend Sarah [as mentioned before I can be pretty persuasive].  I also saw an opportunity to get my creations out there and I love helping out local businesses such as Thea-Bel.

Is There Anything Else You Want People To Know?

I do custom work.  I can do a wreath to suit your needs.  I also do custom scrap-booking.   You give me the pictures and some information you want included and then I do the rest.

Is There Anywhere Besides Thea-Bel That People Can Get Your Items?


Do You Do Custom Work?

Yes absolutely!  I am happy to work with you so that you get a wreath or paper craft that you love.

Wrap Up

There you go, I hope you enjoyed learning more about Trudy.  Be sure to check out all the items she has available for sale.  Also, if you place an order over $15 this month (till January 31, 2017) you get a free "Hello There" Card.

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