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Sarah Reuangrith New Items

New items are continually being added to our website, you can see them all in the What's New Section. Here is a closer look at a few new items as well as a few that fit in with our December theme of Holiday Joy.

 Medal Hanger with Trophy Shelf

This rustic looking trophy holder is perfect for the sports fan in your life. Great for hanging medals or other items such as keys, t-shirts, etc. So many different uses! The top is perfect for displaying trophy's or other collectibles. Purchase now.

Santa Advent Calendar

Instead of giving your kids wax tasting chocolate filled calendars why not get them something way nicer? Even more beautiful in person! Celebrate the days leading up to Christmas with this stunning advent calendar. It is a work of art that you can proudly hang in your house year after year! 24 pockets allow you to fill the calendar with gifts of your choosing. Go traditional with chocolates or take a different approach and fill with to do's to get you in the holiday spirit. Either way your family will love hanging this up each and every year! Purchase now

Birthday Chair Cover & Plate

Imagine how happy your child would be on their birthday when they arrived in the kitchen to eat breakfast and saw that they had a special birthday chair and plate. I know mine would be just thrilled! This set includes a chair cover (has 3 different colours of ties and would fit most chairs), a birthday plate as well as a clear plate to eat off. Could be used multiple times per year. Purchase now.

Desk Calendar Post It Holder

Looking for teacher gifts or stocking stuffers? Check out these awesome desk calendars from LB Creations. I want to get one for each of the high traffic areas of my house as I always seem to be talking on my phone wondering what the date is or needing to jot something down and never having a pen or paper handy. Problem solved! Purchase now.

Star Trek: The Next Generation Christmas Sweater Ornaments

I have to admit that I am not a huge Star Trek fan (before you get all upset please understand that I really enjoy it when I see it but am not what I would call a die hard fan) but even I want one of these adorable ornaments for my tree. I mean look at how cute they are! If Star Trek is not your thing, make sure you check out some of the other sweater ornaments that are available as there are a few other options for you (including Harry Potter). Either way at $12 these are prices that you can love. Shop Here.

Grab & Go: Portable Baby Changing Station

If you are a mom of kids in diapers or are looking for a gift for a mom to be/new mom then this is what you need to get them! This pouch has come to my rescue on more than one occasion as an emergency back up and it works great if I am running a quick errand and don't want to take a diaper bag with me. It contains everything you need to change a diaper: diapers, wipes and a change pad all in a fun pouch. Make sure you include one in your next baby gift. Shop now.

Welcome Baby Card - Pink or Blue

Check out these adorable new baby cards that were made by LB Creations. I can just imagine these paired with a cute little baby outfit or toy at a baby shower. They come in two colours. Make sure you check out our full baby collection as you might just find something awesome to pair with your card. See Card

Soap Gift Boxes: Lip Balm & Soap

If you are looking for something special for the teacher, host or secret Santa in your life; consider one of these great gift boxes from Trade & Mark Soap Company. Not only will you save yourself having to wrap it but the contents are really awesome. I am a huge fan! The lip balm makes your lips super soft and the soap has the most amazing lather and smell. Shop

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Make sure you visit our What's New section to see everything. Want gift help, be sure to check out our gift help suggestions.

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