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New & Featured Products in January

Sarah Reuangrith New Items

New items are continually being added to our website, you can see them all in the What's New Section. Here is a closer look at a few new items that we got in this month as well as a few older items that we wanted to draw your attention to.

Lady Pads

If your goal is to use more environmentally friendly products then you are going to be really excited about these... These reusable pantyliner's are designed to be used light days or for when you need a little extra protection. Made of new cotton fleece fabric and they come in a few different patterns. Shop Now

My Little Pony Book Earrings

 Our book earrings are one of the most popular products that Magpie Pie makes with many customers coming back for multiple pairs. These ones are on sale right now and will be leaving the site shortly. If you are wanting to get a pair please don't delay. Shop Now

 Sympathy Cards

Loosing a friend or family member can be devastating and while a card can't do anything to lessen the pain, it can let you know that you are thinking about them. LB Creations has made some new sympathy cards. Each of them is beautiful on the outside but also has a different heartfelt message inside. Shop Now

Cross Stitch Cards

If you are looking for a beautiful card, look no further then these stunning ones from The Humble Crafter. Perfect for multiple occasions, they are great to have on hand. Shop Now

Burp Cloths

These burp cloths are must have's for new mothers. I have some scattered all around my house and in my diaper bag so that one is never too far away. Perfect for putting on your shoulder, they are soft and come in a few different patterns. Sold in a set of 2 for $15. This set as well as an owl one will be leaving the site shortly, get your hands on them before they are gone. Shop Now

Produce Bags

Great news, we have in another batch of Produce Bags from Magpie Pie and these ones are coloured!!!! Super excited, I will have to get myself some more as well. Sold in a package of 4 (2 large, 2 medium), these are made from bolt ends. Shop Now

Handmade Cocoa-Butter Hemp Lip Balm

I am so in love with this lip balm from Trade & Mark Soap Company. It goes on super smooth and is very hydrating; a must in Calgary where it is so dry. I have these scattered throughout my house so that one is always within reach. Shop Now

Want More

Make sure you visit our What's New section to see everything new that we got in. Want gift help, be sure to check out our gift help suggestions.

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