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New Home Gift Guide

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I don't know about you but it seems like every street I drive down has homes for sale on it. That means that you might know some people who are moving and attending some house warmings might be in your future. To help make it easy for you to take a fantastic unique gift, I have put together this great collection of items perfect for the new homeowners in your life.

Check out the video below to see recommendations for your next housewarming.

 To see all the New Home Items we have please checkout this link. We will be updating this gift guide as we get in new items so make sure you bookmark this link.

 New Home Gift Ideas

New Items

This week we added new items from The Ruadh. To see all the new items check out our What's New Section or shop by vendor at the above links.

 New Items, Bee Keychain, Fortune Cookie Keychain

Gift Ideas

One of the things that we like to do at Thea-Bel is to be a one stop shop for everything handmade. That means we love to help you put together gifts. Everything on Thea-Bel ships together so why not save some time and money and do all on your shopping on Thea-Bel!

Here are some ideas for you. All items are sold individually so you can easily mix and match to create the perfect gift. 

New Home Gift Idea

I love to give practical house warming gifts which is why I am such a fan of this arrangement. Not only are all these items pretty to look at but they are all extremely useful!

We have a really fun fortune cookie keychain (The Ruadh) that can be used to hold your keys, a kitchen essential (Busy Bree's Wax Wraps), New Home Card (LB Creations) and a hand painted soap pump (Trade & Mark Soap Company).

Just Because Gift Idea

This is a gift idea that was shared earlier in the year and it would be just perfect for a housewarming. 

Card (The Humble Crafter), Tea (Big Hearts Apothecary), Earrings (H&M Design) and Wax Wraps (Busy Bree's Wax Wraps)

Housewarming Gift Idea

How cute is this bee? It makes me so happy to look at it, imagine what it would do to your mood if you saw it multiple times per day! I have paired this bee with a set of wax wraps. I thought it was a ironic pairing as the wax wraps are made with Beeswax. This combo would be a great gift for a housewarming.

Bathroom Gift Idea

This gift combo is just so cute and would make the perfect addition to a bathroom. So much fun to look at!

Kitchen Gift Idea

Talk about two kitchen essentials! First off we have a kitchen boa. I had never heard of this before but after seeing it I just love it! It is a boa with two kitchen towels attached to the ends. This makes it easy to take the dish towel with you when you are in the middle of cooking in a fun and attractive way. Pair this with a set of dish cloths and you have the makings of an amazing gift.

Soap Sample Gift Idea

Sometimes you just want to give someone something small to let them know that you are thinking about them. In this case what about a mini card paired with one of our sample soaps? These cute little packs could be added on to a gift you already have or popped in the mail to let someone know you are thinking about them!

New Home Gift Idea

In my humble opinion the best part about getting a new place is when you get your new keys and turn them in the lock to open your door for the first time. There is just something magical about the possibilities and the memories that you will be building in the house. That said, why not make it even more memorable for someone else by giving them a nice fortune cookie key ring and a card. Let them know fortune is smiling upon them!

Space Gift Idea

I always find it really hard to buy for the men in my life, which is why I love ideas such as this one. In my experience, the men I know don't put a ton of effort into making a house a home. This makes it easy to buy items such as this combo. Since they won't decorate themselves, I can help them fill the house with items that speak to their interests.

New Home Gift Idea

Whenever I move homes I always end up with wall space to fill with art. After all art is what makes a house a home! Why not get an original piece of art in the colours they love as a housewarming gift.

Want More

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