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New & Notable Items - June

Sarah Reuangrith New Inventory New Items

 I just love getting new inventory in. My favorite part is getting to open the bags for the first time to see what surprises are inside. Since I don't set any requirements for what my vendors have to make; every package is filled with treasures. It is so much fun to see what my vendors were inspired to make this time.

This month I am delighted to share some new items from Lindsey Gagnon Photography & Craft, H&M Design and Lane's Custom Wood Works.

Since June is also baby month here at Thea-Bel, I will also be highlighting a few baby items. I just love putting new baby packages together so please send me an email if you want to make your shopping easy. The best deal is of course to purchase a mystery pack and tell me it is for a baby shower.

Check out some of these awesome new items.

Brown Scoodie

Why am I just hearing about scoodie's now? This revolutionary piece of clothing is both a hood and a scarf in one. Great for travelling or people who remember a hat or a scarf but not both. Check it out

Welcome Baby Card

The arrival of a new baby is such a joyous occasion and one that deserves a special card, especially if you are presenting it at a baby shower where everyone will see it. This one was made by Calgary based LB Creations and comes in pink or blue. Check it out

Bulky Maroon Hat & Scarf

Summer might be just around the corner but it is never too early to secure your warm winter wear, especially in Canada. We are busy stocking our site with warmer items so that there is a huge selection for when you go looking. Check out item

Baby Blanket

These baby blankets are the perfect size for tummy time or for monthly photos measuring the size of your baby. Stunning to look at, you can tell each stitch was made with love! Check it out

Blue Hat & Scarf

Here is another stunning hat and scarf combination.  Please keep us in mind for in the fall when you are looking for some warmer items. Check it out

Grab & Go: Portable Baby Changing Station

I can't even tell you how much I use this! I have one in my stroller that is my emergency diaper bag. It has saved me on days I have run out the house and realized I forgot my diaper bag or for quick errands where I need to have a couple diapers but don't want to haul my bag. Easily fits in a larger purse, stroller, car or backpack and has everything you need for a couple diaper changes. Great for travel. Check it out


The cards that we have on Thea-Bel are just amazing! I know I am very biased but I am shocked everytime I go into stores and see cards that are not nearly this nice selling for upwards of $10! It is crazy!!!! Plus all our cards are buy 10, get one free. Don't see the one you want, send me an email and I can see about something custom.  Here are a few new ones from H&M Design. Check them out

Custom Wood Lathe Urns

Every person is unique so why would you want to go with a run of the mill urn for your final resting place? You deserve more for yourself or loved one! Let us work with you to craft the perfect urn. Using a wood lathe, Lane can work his magic to create a one of kind piece that you are sure to love. Throughout this painless process we will ask lots of questions to make sure the end result is exactly what you were looking for.  Learn More

Minion Booties

These booties are just too cute! Baby's have cold feet so why use traditional booties when you can have Minion ones! Check them out

Custom Pet Urns

Our pets really are part of the family which is why it is so devastating when they pass away. Let us work with you to craft the perfect urn to remember them by. We will work with you to create something you will love. Check them out

Hat & Sweater Set (3 Months)

How cute is this? Perfect for layering your baby up in the fall or for pictures. Great as a baby shower gift when paired with one of our amazing cards. Shop baby items

Want More

Want to see some ideas on how to pair some of our items together to create fabulous one of a kind gifts? Check out our gift blog.

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