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New Year's Resolutions: Products to Help

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Happy New Year!

Welcome 2017!  The start of a new year is a time for me to look back at the previous year to reflect and learn from it but also a chance to look to the future and to think about what could happen.  2016 was a full year, it is exciting to think about what 2017 might bring.  Are you one to make new years resolutions?  If so this blog is for you.  We have put together our list of products to help you keep your resolutions this year.

But first I would like to introduce you to our feature supplier this month: Trudy's Creations.  Throughout the month of January we will be introducing you to the person behind Trudy's Creation, Trudy herself.  Trudy is an amazing nail technician who loves to make cards and wreaths in her spare time.  Be sure to check out all the items she has for sale.  New items should be posted later in the month so check back soon!

Deal of the Month

Spend a minimum of $15 this month and you will get a "Hello There" card made by Trudy's Creation for free. 

Products to Help You Meet Your Goals

While the products listed here will not magically help you attain your goals, they can help to motivate you so that you stay on track.

Goal: Stay In Touch

Is one of your goals to improve your relationships with your friends and family?   

Product(s): Cards $3 - $5

Remind your friends and family that you care by sending them a card the old fashioned way, by post.  Nothing is more exciting than opening up your mailbox to find a beautiful handwritten card letting you know that someone is thinking about you.  Do you even know what your partners handwriting looks like?  Send a romantic love letter using some beautiful stationary.  This gesture will win you some major brownie points as it is so much more personal than sending an email or texting.

We have cards suitable for all types of communication, whether it is birthday or just to say hi.  In fact, we will help you out with this goal by giving you a card free when you place a $15 order.

Goal: Drink More Water

Drinking water is so important to having a healthy lifestyle.  Dehydration can lead to headaches as well as feelings of tired or overeating as you misinterpret your body looking for water.  

Product: Insulated Water Bottle Carrier $15

Carry your water everywhere you go with this beautiful water bottle carrier.  Having your water within reach means that you no longer have an excuse to not be hydrated.  Plus this carrier is insulated so your water will be cold and refreshing for each and every sip.  Fits a standard sized bottle and contains a spot for your phone.

Goal: Entertain/Cook More

Maybe you love entertaining and your goal this year is to be more social and have people over more often.  Or perhaps you just like cooking and want to do more of it.

Product: Tree Cheese Platter $20

Motivate yourself to host by purchasing this cool cheese platter.  Made from a melted wine bottle, this platter is sure to not only wow your guests but you are going to want to use it.  Make up some yummy appetizers or put a cheese ball on it for a beautiful presentation that is sure to be remembered.

Goal: Keep the House Clean

Is your goal to organize and clean your house?

Product: Dish Cloths $5 - $10

These dish cloths are so bright and cheery you might actually want to use them!

Goal: Pamper Yourself

Maybe your goal this year is to take some more time to pamper yourself.

Product: Soap & Bath Bombs $5

Pamper yourself with luxurious soaks in the tub using our bath bombs or steal five minutes of bliss in the shower with some amazing smelling soap.  Best part about this goal is that for $5 you can make yourself feel like a million bucks!

Goal: Work on Individual Style

Did you indulge in too many fashion magazines over the holiday and realize that you could use some help with your style?

Products: Market Bags $20, Scarves $15 & Jewelry $6.50 and up

Check out all the amazing accessories on the website for a budget friendly way to amp up your style.  We have everything from scarves, to bags to earrings and necklaces, you are sure to find something you like.

Goal: Read More

Is this the year you finally read more than one book?

Product: Book Earrings $15 and Throws $40 and up


Set yourself up for success with some motivating book earrings and a comfy throw to wrap yourself up in.

 Goal: Personalize Your House

Are you tired of looking at the same empty walls?  Are you looking to make your home more inviting and show off some personality?

Products: Lonely Tree Framed Print $100, Fairy Lantern $15 & Lilac and White Coasters $8

Add some personality to your home with some beautiful decorative pieces.  Depending on your budget you could get a new piece or art for your walls or decorate your coffee table with some new bright and cheery coasters.  Or add some whimsy to your bathroom or bedroom with a fairy lantern.  Lots of choices.

Goal: Give Amazing Gifts

Have you gained a reputation as someone who doesn't give very good gifts?  Maybe it is time to change opinions and blow everyone away with some thoughtful gifts.

Product: The Perfect Gift $50 and up

Let us help you out with this one.  Simply order the perfect gift option and tell us a little bit about the person.  We will then look around the available inventory and put together something special for them.  We can even include a card so you don't have to look for one.

Goal: Support Small/Local Businesses

Maybe your goal is to support local small businesses this year.  

Product: All Products

All the vendors we carry are small based companies, in fact most of them are run by one person.  Feel good purchasing items as you know the money is going towards entrepreneurs wanting to make the world more beautiful and get paid for doing it.


I hope you enjoyed reading this blog and got some ideas on how Thea-Bel can help you make your goals this year.  In the comments let us know what your new years resolution is.

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