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Outdoor Entertaining Tips & Tricks

Sarah Reuangrith BBQ Outdoor Tips Wedding

Every Tuesday on our social media accounts I share my tips and tricks related to our monthly theme. So that you don't miss any of our tips, I am also putting them together in this blog post. I hope you enjoy them.

This month is all about outdoor entertaining. I hope you enjoy my tips. I would love to hear in the comments some of your tips and tricks.

I myself have made this mistake before and what a mess!!!! As part of your set up make sure that you put out some garbage and recycling bins. You can use large garbage bins, boxes, wheelbarrows, etc. just make sure you have lots around and keep an eye on them so that they don't get too full.

One of the worst parts about entertaining is trying to accommodate all the different allergies and food preferences your guests will have. One of the really easy things you can do when it comes to outdoor entertaining is to clean your grill in advance and then assign different parts of the grill for meat and another for vegetarian items. This way when a vegetarian turns up, you can easily cook them a mushroom or veggie burger and not have to clean your grill mid event or risk making them sick.

I am one of those people who burns just looking at the sun and if their is a mosquito within 100 yards, they will find me. I don't always remember to put on sunscreen and bug spray or bring it with me for reapplications. If you know you will be outside, make arrangements to have this on hand. Spray sunscreens are not the best for the environment but do make applications much easier as less mess. Have fun with this and put them in pretty baskets or in a container that fits with your theme. 

I don't know about you but my house is never picture perfect. With two kids it is usually a disaster! That means that when I entertain I do a lot of cleaning, so much cleaning. When it comes time to host in the backyard, I don't want to clean my whole house (just the route to the bathroom). One of the ways I can limit the cleaning I need to do is by making it so no one comes into the house. Put up signs and open your gate. Saves your floors as well as most people don't want to take off their shoes if they are going right back outside.

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