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How To Host An Amazing BBQ

Sarah Reuangrith articles Outdoor Tips

This month we are talking all about cooking and eating outdoors. With all the time we are spending at home with our family, this is the perfect time to perfect our outdoor entertaining. Here are some great articles we found on the internet that will help you think outside the box.

22 Unexpected Recipes You Can Make on The Grill

One of the "perks" of being home all the time for me is that I can experiment a bit with our food (now if only I could get someone to clean up afterwards). I've been wanting to try different things to spice up our menu. Now that the weather is warmer, we like to get out in the yard and cook things on the grill. This collection of recipes has me drooling. I can't decide which one to make first? Check out the article

18 Easy Backyard Projects to DIY with the Family


Part of entertaining outside is making sure that your outdoor space is inviting. Here are some great projects that you can do to decorate if you are feeling like you need to spruce things up. I for one see a few on this list that I want to do, especially as we are home so much more these days. Read article

34 Creative DIY Backyard Ideas for Kids

I have to say that I am in love with this list! So many great ideas. Some are easier than others but either way you will come up with some fun ideas to keep the kids busy. I particularly love the water pillow and kiddie pool ideas. Check out this list

Top 32 DIY Fun Landscaping Ideas for Your Dream Backyard

Wow, I love some of the ideas in this list. I am already trying to figure out which ones to do. I love so many of the ones with flowers including decorating the fence and the fake fire pits. Which one do you love? See the list

25 Tips for Easy Outdoor Entertaining

If you are hosting any events outdoors this summer, make sure you check out this list. Great ideas and items not to forget. Check out the article

More Articles

Here are a few more articles that you might find interesting.

Tips & Tricks - Party Themes

One of the things that will make your outdoor event that much more pulled together is to have an awesome theme. Check out this blog post for some tips and tricks for coming up with your theme and then how to decorate on a budget. Check it out

Party Planning 101

Are you planning an event and have no idea where to start? If so make sure you checkout this link. We have compiled all of our party planning articles into one spot. Read them all or skim through the ones that interest you. Check them out

 My Daughter's 2nd Birthday Party

Back in 2017 we hosted a backyard birthday party for Thea. Check out this blog where I walk you through some of the planning steps and then show some pictures on how everything looked. This was a pretty easy party to put together and we had such a fun time! Read blog

Our Gift Recommendations for March/April

Looking for that perfect gift? Why not check out some of our gift recommendations? Each month we combine items to make gift ideas for you. The best part is that as each item is purchased individually you can add or subtract any of the items to create your perfect one of a kind gift. Read blog

We hope you enjoyed all these articles. If you have some that we should checkout please let us know in the comments.


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