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Outdoor Items Gift Guide

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With nicer weather upon us, it is time to start planning to live outdoors for the summer. This week I share products perfect to use outside or remind you about being outside. As always I start with new products and then move onto some of the items we have on the site currently. Check out our video for this week to see all the items perfect for outdoors.

You can check out all the outdoor items by checking out here. Make sure you bookmark this link as we will add appropriate items as we add them to the site (new items appear weekly).

Outdoor Items

New Items

This week we added new items from LB Creations, Peggy's Projects, Trade & Mark Soap Company as well as Lindsey Gagnon Photography & Craft. To see all the new items check out our What's New Section or shop by vendor at the above links.

New Items May 3, 2021

Gift Ideas

One of the things that we like to do at Thea-Bel is to be a one stop shop for everything handmade. That means we love to help you put together gifts. Everything on Thea-Bel ships together so why not save some time and money and do all on your shopping on Thea-Bel!

Here are some ideas to put together a gift perfect for hanging outdoors!

Beach Day Gift Guide

This summer I hope to be able to spend some time at the beach. If you have similar plans, you might enjoy this gift idea. It includes everything you need for a fun day outside. First we have a scrunchie to keep your hair off your face while you are swimming, a fantastic beach bag to carry all your essentials, a fun baby Yoda cup so that you stay hydrated, a reusable drink/snack bag that you can fill with healthy treats for snacking on and finally a reusable water balloon so that you can work on target practice, play catch with or use in an epic water fight. 

 Mermaid Gift Idea

One of my favourite activities outside is to go to the beach or pool to swim. If you are like me, then here is a great gift idea based around Mermaids. First we have a cross stitch card to tie the gift together, a drink or snack bag, post it note holder and finally some earrings. Check out all the mermaid items on Thea-Bel.

 Want More

Make sure you are following Thea-Bel on social media as we will be suggesting gift pairings all week for the new items added. 

Want to see more products, check out our Eco Gift Guide

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