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Party Planning 101

Sarah Reuangrith Brainstorming How To Party Planning

If you have been following this blog you will know that occasionally we feature articles on how to plan a party or event.  To help make your life easier, we have put together this post where we list all the party planning related articles.  We are still writing them so this list is incomplete but we will update it as we go so check back often.

If you have a question or topic that you would like us to talk about in a future article please let us know in the comment section.  Who knows, our next blog may just answer your question.

Party Planning 101

Please click on the links below to be taken to party planning article you are interested in.  We have assembled this list in the order you would plan an event.  Since we may not write articles in order, make sure you subscribe to our newsletter or check back frequently.


Wondering where to start with your party planning?  This post is all about how to get started.

Hosting a Party During COVID - Things to Consider

Life goes on through a pandemic so while we all continue to social distance, there are still birthday parties, weddings, funerals and other milestones that should be marked with some sort of celebration. In this blog I will make some recommendations and bring up some points to consider so that you can host something that will be looked upon fondly while still keeping everyone safe.

10 Things to Consider When Hosting No Kid Events

As a parent I have often had to turn down adult only events as the logistics didn't work out; I had babies who were nursing and wouldn't take bottles or kids that woke up at 5am regardless of how late they were put down. I love attending events but having kids certainly affects the social life. In this article I provide 10 things to consider that will make it easier for parents to leave their kids at home to attend your adult only event. I hope it provides some useful insights so that more tired, stressed out parents can enjoy your event(s).

Party Themes - Articles From Around The Internet

Not sure what party theme you want? Want some help with some easy theme decorations? Check out these great articles to help you get started.

Why The Host Should Always Pay

A look at why the host should always cover the cost of the event as well as a simple question you can ask to determine if you are the host.

Cutting Costs at Your Wedding

Read this article to learn some of the ways to cut costs at your wedding.  Best read early in the process.

Picking the Date & Venue

Here we look at considerations for picking the date and venue.

Picking the Start Time

Instead of randomly picking a start time, why not start at a time that makes the most sense for the type of event you are hosting.  

Schedule of Events

This article looks at how to create a schedule events that will work for your event.

Save the Dates: When & Why to Use Them

Ever wonder about when you should use Save the Dates?  Here we look at reasons to use them as well as why.  They are not just for weddings!

Planning a Wedding, We Can Help

Find out how Thea-Bel can save you time and money AND help you add all those handmade touches to your wedding.

Fairy Lantern Birthday Party

Thea-Bel had the opportunity to run a Fairy Lantern Class as part of a girl's birthday party.  Check out some photos from this fun event.

Dinner Party Articles

If you are looking to read some great articles on dinner parties here are some of the ones we shared on our social media pages that we found around the internet.

Be Discrete When Sending Out Invites

Parties are about bringing people together, not making people feel bad that they were not invited.  Learn how to send out invites while preventing disappointment.

How to Do a Seating Chart

A look at when to use assigned seating as well as how to do it.

Crisis Cleaning - How to Get Your Home Entertainment Ready in 5 Easy Steps

In this video blog I go through the five steps I use when I have last minute guests coming over and need to get my house cleaned as fast as possible.

Top 10 Ways to Stay on Schedule During Your Wedding or Party

We have all been there, attended a wedding that for whatever reason started late or had major delays throughout.  Being a little late is generally alright but when things get too delayed you get unhappy hungry guests.  Here we are look at ten things that you can do that will help you stay on schedule for the "normal" issues that you will experience at weddings.

Real Life Example: My Daughters Second Birthday

Have you ever wondered how Thea-Bel could help with smaller events?  In this post we look at my daughter's second birthday party and the role that Thea-Bel played.

Help, I've Been Invited to an Event and I Don't Know if I Should Bring a Gift?

Have you ever been invited to an event and had no idea about whether or not you should be bringing something for the host?  In this post we will look at the simple questions you can ask yourself to determine if you should bring something and we will then suggest some ideas.

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