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Party Themes - Articles from Around the Internet

Sarah Reuangrith articles Party Planning Themes

One of my favorite parts about hosting a get together is getting to pick a theme. Themes in generally are so much fun but also make organizing the event that much easier. Here are some articles I found around the internet to help inspire you to pick an amazing theme!

50 Of The Best Party Themes

Get your creative juices flowing with this great list of 50 different party themes. I can't decide which one I would be most excited to host... ABC party, Mathletes and Athletes or picking a colour. If you are not sure what theme to do for your next event be sure to check out this list. Which one is your favorite? Read Article

12 Easy DIY Birthday Decor Ideas

What I just love about this list (besides things being easy and looking pretty) is that most of these ideas could easily be tailored to your event theme. Simply use colours related to your theme and you are set. I for one want to make the balloon backdrop, so cool and it wouldn't be too hard. Which one do you want to try out? Read Article 

22 Eye-Catching & Inexpensive DIY Wedding Centerpieces


Not just for weddings, this article gives some really great examples on how to decorate your table so that it looks amazing but also doesn't break the bank. Many of these ideas could easily be adapted to a party theme through the use of different colours or by adding additional accessories. I love to make my table pretty as that is often where the most time is spent at a party, especially one with a sit down dinner. I can't decide which idea to use first... Do you have a favorite on this list? Read article

The Hottest New Birthday Themes for 2020

We shared an article earlier with some fun party themes that were geared more towards the teen or adult crowd so it is time to give some more theme ideas for the kids. This great article fits the bill and includes some gorgeous pictures for how some of the decorations might look (if you are Martha Stewart that is). I personally would love to do the Luau/Moanna, Lateover or Bubbles and Brunch parties for my kids. Which one do you want to host? Read Article

More Articles

Of course we have to share some of our original content as well, I hope you enjoy.

I definitely geek out when it comes to party planning and nothing is more satisfying to me then getting out some paper and starting to put together the perfect event. I just LOVE the brainstorming step as really anything goes. It is where the event starts to come together when everything is possible. If you are new to party planning or want some extra help, here is an article I wrote on how to get started. This is the step where we pick our party theme which as you know is what we are talking about this month. Check it out.

Check out this blog post from 2017 where I talked about my daughter's beach themed birthday party. I walk you through some of the planning steps and then show some pictures on how everything looked. This was a pretty easy party to put together and we had such a fun time! Read blog

One of the places that themes really start to play a part in the planning process is when you work on the schedule of events. A rough plan on what will happen at the event should be done really early in the planning process, ideally before the invites go out.This article gives some tricks on how to make up an effective schedule of events while taking into account your party theme. Read article.

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