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Picks for Halloween

Sarah Reuangrith

Halloween is coming up at the end of the end of the month.  I love Halloween!  Not only is there lots of candy but you have the opportunity to dress up as whatever you want.  What is not to love!  Then of course there is the Halloween parties which are always a lot of fun.  Whether or not you go all out for Halloween or are just looking for a few items to get you in the holiday spirit, we have put together our picks to help.

Our Picks for Halloween

Halloween Inspired Cards - We have some really cute cards that are perfect for sending to out of town relatives letting them know you are thinking about them or to a teenager away at school along with a care package of treats or as a thank you to someone for inviting you to the most awesome Halloween party!  Cards shown above are $4.


Captain America Coffee Cozy / Pokemon Coffee Cozy - Chances are Halloween night is going to be chilly, it usually is (which is why here in Alberta we buy costumes that can go over our snowsuits).  These coffee cozy's are great for parents taking their kids out trick or treating.  They are practical but can also be part of the costume.  $12

Fairy Lanterns $15 -  Light up your walkway with these adorable fairy lanterns or use this instead of a pumpkin.  Who says Halloween has to be scary!

Ceramic Pumpkin Dish $6 - Add some decorations to your house that are not only adorable but are multi-purpose and can be used as a candy dish or for a tea light candle.  This little guy would be great at the office to bring a little Halloween inside.

Skull Ceramic Decoration $8 - Bring a little scary to your decorations with this skull.  Put a tea light candle in it and watch the shadows dance creepily around the room.

Frankenstein Treat Box $3 - Want to make up a cute Halloween gift for someone special in your life?  If so consider using this cute treat box.  You could fill the box with candy or slip in a gift card and watch their eyes light up when you give it to them.


Insulated Water Bottle Carrier $15 - Stay hydrated when out trick or treating with this insulated carrier.

Harry Potter Inspired Knitted Wands $15 - Need a costume fast, why not got as a witch or wizard?  These lightweight wands are the perfect accessory to any costume.

Zoopooz Surprise Toys $9.99 - Want to give a special child in your life something other than candy this Halloween?  Why not give them a Zoopooz?  Each box contains a surprise creature with a birth certificate.  Which one will you get?

Spider-Man Baby Bandanna Bib $13 or 2 for $20 - These bandanna bibs are amazing for children but they also work for small dogs.  Why not dress your dog up as a super hero?

Jean Messenger Bag $40 - Halloween candy can get heavy!  Instead of using a plastic bag that rips go hands free with this well made messenger bag.  Plus, when Halloween is over you can use it for so many other purposes.

Rogue & Gambit Comic Book Earrings $13 - Perhaps where you work or go to school it is not appropriate to dress up for Halloween.  Instead wear these earrings.  Not only are they cool, they are subtle enough that you could wear them most places.

Animal Print Infinity Scarf $15 - It can get cold out trick or treating!  Stay warm with the addition of this animal print infinity scarf.  If anyone asks you can say you are dressed as a cat!

We hope you enjoyed this list.  

This month our feature supplier is Geekdom Knits.  In the spirit of the season, this month we are offering 10% off of Geekdom Knits' items until the end of the month.  Use coupon code "knits".

Happy Halloween!


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