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Picks for Summer

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The first day of summer may have been June 20th but officially in my books summer doesn't start until July.  That is when school is finished and summer vacation starts.  It is when as a child you got to sleep in and spend the day outside having adventures.  Things may have changed a bit since then (sigh) but either way summer is something to look forward to.  Here are our top picks of items you need for summer:


Anyone who lives in Calgary knows that the weather is unpredictable.  In fact the four seasons can all show up within the same day!  These scarves are perfect for layering on those crazy days that go cold to hot and back again.  You can start off in the morning with the scarf on as it is still a bit chilly and then when it gets too hot you can scrunch it up and put it in your purse until later in the evening when you need it again.  If you are planning to take an airplane ride this summer, why not wear one of these onto the plane.  It takes up very little space but can provide a little bit of extra warmth, plus the cute patterns instantly dress up an outfit.  View our scarves.

Book Lover's Kit

 Summer is all about reading on the beach.  Vacation hasn't officially started until I have finished my first book which is why I usually try to finish a nice thin one while traveling to our destination.  This kit is perfect for anyone looking to spend some time with their nose in a book.  View Book Lover's Kit.

Messenger Bags

If you are travelling outside of Canada these bags are a must!  Not only will you have your hands free, you can show off your Canadian pride where ever you go.  These bags can fold up pretty small so are perfect for including in your luggage for when you arrive at your destination.  Also make great beach bags.  View messenger bags.

Market Bags

 If you are planning to visit any farmer's markets over the summer, do it style with these beautiful mesh market bags.  Also work great as beach bags or shopping bags.  View Market Bags.

Baby/Dog Bandanna's

 Stampede is just around the corner, if you have a baby or small dog why not rock some cowboy style!  As an added bonus these bibs have a waterproof lining so are great for catching drool from teething babies.  View bandanna's.

Summer Soap

 Make your bathroom smell like you are on a tropical vacation with some yummy bamboo soap.  Not only does this one smell amazing but the exfoliating bar will keep your skin soft and you feeling pampered.  See soap.

Cowboy Pride

 Here is another item perfect for Stampede.  As it is blank inside, this card can also be used for many other summer related events: cowboy themed weddings, thank you cards, birthday cards or thinking about you cards.


 You are likely to take lots of amazing photo's over the summer, why not hang them on your fridge with these super cute magnets!  These also work great for hanging artwork from your kids or lists of festivals that you want to attend.  View magnets.
And there you have it, our picks for summer.
This year my family will be doing a staycation for the most part with a few camping trips sprinkled in.  What are your plans for the summer?

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