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Running a Small Business - Articles from Around the Internet

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One thing I have learned in having my own business is that you can't do it alone. When you get started there are so many new things to learn (there still is 4 years out) that things can seem overwhelming and there just isn't enough time in the day. Don't despair though, there are also so many great articles out there that can help you. This month we are rounding up some of our favorites so that we can hopefully make your life a bit easier. In the comments please let us know your favorite articles.

Let's jump right in.

The 37 Best Business Articles Every Entrepreneur Should Read


Wow, this articles has just about every topic that you could be interested in related to your small business covered. Everything from how to be a good leader, hiring staff, managing your time, mistakes to avoid, etc. Open this one up and read the ones that interest you. Read Article

5 Productivity Hacks for Balancing Your Side Hustle

For those entrepreneurs out there like me who operate a side hustle outside of a regular day job you know how difficult it can be to find enough hours in the day. This article gives you 5 tips for how to make the most of these hours. I for one know I need to work harder on getting my evening routine set up so that my mornings go more smoothly. Do you have any hacks that you do that are not on this list? Read Article

7 Tips From Successful Small Business Owners

I love learning from other people, especially when it comes to my business. With so many other entrepreneurs out there it is silly not to listen and learn as much as possible. This article provides 7 tips for being successful and I have to say I agree with each and every one of them. Any tips you think are missing from this list? Read Article

10 Things to Know About Social Media Marketing

Want a crash course in how to do social marketing? Well this article sums it up nicely without wasting a lot of words. A quick read that every business owner should check out. Read the article

10 Destructive Habits to Avoid While Running a Business

In this article you learn what successful people are NOT doing and it is fascinating. So much good advice I am not sure where to start.... perhaps with adding things to my calendar and not answering emails first thing in the morning.  Anything you want to add to this list? Read article.

More Articles

Of course we have to share some of our original content as well, I hope you enjoy.

New Years Resolutions, How We Can Help You Keep Them

Since it is a new year we have to share this article from 2018. In it, we mention some great resolutions that you could make and how Thea-Bel can help you to achieve them. The resolutions are still great ones two years later and you get a look at some of the older products we have had over the years that have sold which is also a lot of fun. Read article.

5 Things To Do Before Your Next Market To Make More Money

In this video I talk about how to earn more money at your next market by doing five things. All of the steps are pretty easy to do and the best part is that your competition are probably not doing them... give yourself a step up and make some more money this year. Check it out

Reflections After A Year In Business

I have learned so much through Thea-Bel and continue to learn everyday. When Thea-Bel celebrated its first anniversary I summarized what I had learned so far and I have to say it is a pretty good list. I still have a lot to learn but it was still pretty cool to look back and see where I started. Anything you would add to this list? 

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